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Last updated: October 7, 2019

X-VPN APK new version 116 make it hassle-free just one tap you will be connected and you are all set you may browse your favorite social networks anywhere anytime privately. When you were connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot such as coffee shop, restaurant or airport. Your personal information can be easily grabbed by someone with bad intentions with Advanced Encryption, This VPN will protect your personal data from prying eyes. ISP keep records on browsing activity associated with your IP will protect your privacy and keep you anonymous online. X-VPN has servers all over the world set your virtual location anywhere as you.


  • Developed by: Free Connected Limited
  • Version: 116
  • File Size: 26.8MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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X-VPN Review

Who are familiar with VPNs you already know that some of them require a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription this. However, does not which is the best part about this app you do not have to buy the program. When you first download the app it's going to ask you if you want to let it install VPN profiles. Just hit agree so if you go into general and scroll all the way down to VPN. You can now see once you've got this app connected, can see how this is doing it in the server that is currently on but most of the settings is within the application itself.

So all of this is automatic, you don't have to manually configure a VPN which is very good. First inside of this application is that you can change your location of your IP address, so if you didn't know every Wi-Fi access point has an IP address. It's almost like a home address so if you accessed a certain website from this IP address somebody can trace it back to you.

This VPN this can protect in your location online, so if you hit select location and go to free you can see several free servers inside of other countries. Select the server here as like Canada and go into the it's not on go in to the built in IP address checker, so just click on that you can see that. However if click on this and connect to the VPN it should redirect here, so if go ahead and go back to the checker you can see your location is now in Canada which is actually pretty neat another thing that.


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  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information

New Added

  • Optimized connection quality

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