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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Waze APK new version, you always get the fastest route based on real-time traffic shared by millions of fellow Wazers. Navigating is super easy, all your destinations are one tap away. Once on the road, you well be alerted before you approach incidents, you can help others too. By simply driving with Waze, you share real-time traffic information or you can actively report. And when you are meeting others, simply send your ETA to inform on your arrival.


  • Developed by: Waze
  • Version:
  • File Size: 80.4MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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Waze Review

On your daily commute, there's the usual traffic you've come to expect, with Waze helping shave precious minutes off your drive. But sometimes, when you least expect it, something unusual happens on the roads, causing traffic to be so bad, so outrageous, that when you find yourself in it, it sheds years off your life. Our job at apps is to help you avoid gridlock, and the new Waze Unusual Traffic Alerts do just that.

Based on real time traffic conditions and road reports shared by millions of drivers, Detects unusual traffic as soon as it starts and immediately notifies drivers taking that route. Save your home and work or other frequent destinations to apps, and you'll get unusual traffic alerts before you leave. Once on the road, no need to worry. This apps automatically guides you around unusual traffic on the best available route.

Unusual traffic alerts are also available to anyone on Twitter, where the fastest alternative routes, user comments, photos, and live updates from the this apps community are posted for local metros. Follow this apps traffic on your city's abbreviation, and you're set. Broadcasters and city partners, you can monitor unusual traffic on Traffic View, a totally free, comprehensive dashboard showing traffic conditions and road closures with live user reports on local routes. Plus, be the first to know about unusual traffic with alerts delivered straight to your inbox.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Location
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Device ID & call information
  • Phone
  • Calendar

New Added

  • Fixed a bug that prevented drivers from turning off notifications of certain road alerts on their route.


Waze the number one, real-time navigation app. Get live traffic updates from nearby drivers so you get the fastest route, know when you'll arrive, and what's ahead on the road to avoid surprises. So, Download this apps and Install this, then join millions of drivers outsmarting traffic together. Every day, millions of people use apps to find the fastest route. Yet getting around continues to be a big challenge. Traffic is only getting worse. And it's no wonder with so many people choosing to drive alone.