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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Wattpad is a relatively unmonitored online storytelling community, users write and share their stories on this apps. Wattpad APK 8.45.0 new version, user comment on other users stories what pad stories fall into two rating categories mature, which is content intended for readers 17-plus and content for everyone.

Content that is appropriate for all ages while riders are encouraged to rate their stories many stories are unrated there are 70 million Wattpad users. And what pad users spend an average of 30 minutes on the website or the app 80% of users are under the age of 30. Download this apps then start reading or writing original stories.


  • Developed by: Wattpad
  • Version: 8.45.0
  • File Size: 14.1MB
  • Requires for Android: Varies with device

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How To Get More Readers Tips

Many people ask how do I get more readers on Wattpad? so we are going to share some tips on how to get more readers on Wattpad. Point out there's no one way to do it there's no magic formula.

Upload your story

Write and upload as much and as readily as possible, when it comes to writing on Wattpad getting followers, reads consistency and persistence is key. You can write your story before start uploading that way you know that? I will always have a chapter to upload until the story's done. It helps to have an upload schedule that you set for yourself and that way your readers will know. When to expect your next chapter for example with before it fades the third book in the ether series.

You uploaded a chapter every weekday, so every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Can uploaded a chapter with awakened we are recommended only updating every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but how you do it is up to you some people update once a week some people update twice. A week it really is up to you and what you're comfortable with whatever schedule you set for yourself remember to stick to.

Optimized your story

Make sure you have a good cover, title, description and cover with good design and good colors that are bold and make it stand out on Wattpad. And clear lettering all those things are good to have like titles that are short and sweet and catchy as they rise. While we fall before a fade short sweet catchy and with your description is your selling point. The book is what you make people decide whether or not they’re going to read your book for me personally. If you look good cover and title there is more chance of a click.

Active community

Make friends pod is such an amazing community filled with readers and writers from all over. The world and frankly if you're not using it to make friends and make connections and talk to people, I kind of think you're doing yourself a great service, because there's so many awesome people there the anything out on read other people's stories. These genuine supportive comments on other people's stories without even mentioning your story and just being good to people.

Wattpad Review

Do you want to tell or share the true story you know? So free to share on Wattpad apps. That you can read books on that other people make. So it's kind of cool and well you can like make your own books too. So what you do is you go to side and then you tap create and then you can put in a title and then you can like make your own story. You can have chapters and everything and then you can have followers and stuff.


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  • Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

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