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Last updated: December 22, 2019

War Robots is an action and multiplayer game. This game developed by PIXONIC, War Robots APK 5.6.1 new version. In this game you have to play with preparation to battle, and there are strong 48 robots to battle. You can get what you like including plasma guns, energy and ballistic missiles for you. If you can complete the military tasks, you can earn bonus points and earn the Best Pilot title.


  • Developed by: PIXONIC
  • Version: 5.6.1
  • File Size: 94.2MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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How To Play this game

Dragon bots are pretty dominant you may disagree with me on one or two but remember that dominance also depends on your league as. Well think about rock scissors and paper game it's a game of counter picks. So you win by picking the right tools also showing, your tool sign at the right time in world robots dealing with certain. Enemy robot is very similar counter build of your choice matters and timing of your attack is crucial.

How To Beat Tanky Robots

Go over all the facts let's think about what makes them tanki. Well to be able to tank you really have to stand a lot of damage so naturally tanki robots would have high HP. And some sort of defense mechanism that would actually help out and those two mechanisms are mainly damage resistance. Shields firstly let's look at combination of high HP with paired with damage resistance.

So these robots are falcon invader mender and recently outgoing have joined. So these are the main painters with that sort of a mechanism and let's look at mender first. Mender a lot of people just know it as a pro bot it does a good amount and support healing other teammates but it can be super tanky. There's seven seconds of duration three times healing and that 50% damage resistance.

The it's quite a bit to handle so feeling with men there's you always want to have fully loaded emos but even with fully loaded shotguns. It's sometimes not enough to go through all of it it's HP and it's damage resistance with the healing on top of that pay attention. At it's visual cues as the arm bar goes down the seven seconds damage resistance is over.

How To Use Modules

All modules are great on there they each bring valuable ability to the table. So definitely don't think there are formula for this because honestly fun is very subjective. Create your own piece maybe think about creating what you think is effective and try to match modules to your unique style. Be creative emphasize on your uniqueness maybe throw a little bit and if you are fairly new to the game and if you're still confused.

Robots and modules so have the passive module and the image increased modules have there nuclear and nuclear modules and defensive one. We have a heavy armor kit and just a regular armor kit the gold ones are in gold and lastly special ones last and and battleborn. So the last two modules are definitely very interesting they're they're very new ideas. That came in with the module update so damage increasing modules so talking about thermonuclear reactor and nuclear reactor and ideally.

The more weapons you have the more you're gonna benefit off this module so these three bots are definitely benefiting quite a bit of this. Module and since fury Zeus is it has that six hundred meter range a little bit of safe zone. There with the three heavy slots so you can constantly output a lot of damage also raven it has four weapon slots and with a Columbus pin.

How To Best Use Silver

You can see get a huge chunk of silver from Battle Creek but most of the silver that you mate will actually come from the battle. After battle you get a big chunk of silver and then some a little bit of gold as well, so here are the main things. That spend our silver on are mostly upgrading weapons and robots other than the upgrades. Have to workshop production, that's how we mostly get our gears now that and.

The battle creates components but as far as silver goes we make it rain in the workshop production but making it rain in the workshop production might just not be a good thing. Wish tilt-a-whirl robots pawn shop where you can kind of go in and trade in your inactive items for some silver but that doesn't really exist.

Help you a little bit with this guide today so the easiest one that. To point out in the sky just don't throw it your silver, what mean by that is don't sell your items are inactive and that you have upgraded so there are constant buffs and nerfs in this game and you might be actually using that item in the future so you might be thinking you make it 2 million silver for selling this item.

But remember all the times that you have grind it for to upgrade, that item so you might end up with silver crave syndrome. You might just have it anyways but especially if you have sold that item that you upgraded before and you're doing that. All over again it's gonna put you in a bad spot so this is an ideal relationship that. You kind of want to have you want to use the least amount of silver and achieve the most amount of performance. So because of that we really have to talk about hangar decks, so when you're upgrading robots most of the time you really want to achieve level 9.

War Robots Review

These robots appear when you expect them the least they belong to no country no army their pilots. Happily take unwinnable fights just for the sake of turning them around invader blitz and raekr enter the battlefield new robots special trick is suppression. When suppressed an enemy deals significantly less damage during a short time suppression is a strong counter to burst builds like or can hacci or shock train. Specter the idea is simple suppress them before they shoot blitz raker and invader are also good duelists by suppressing enemies, you create short periods where you are stronger utilize these power spikes wisely and you will outplay almost anyone blitz raker and invader fight.

Very differently invader is an initiator with one medium and two light weapon slots it also has lots of HP. Which helps it survive under fire of multiple enemies by using the ability invader jumps and plummets onto the ground suppressing everyone around. If you manage to hit multiple robots this alone can secure you an entire fight just make sure your team is ready to capitalize on your initiation blitz is a brawler with four light slots its ability has three components first it gives you a short speed burst then activates a temporary aegis shield giving you extra survivability as. It happens blitz emits a series of wide energy arms.

Which suppress everything on your way landing this form of suppression on multiple enemies is much harder but even isolating. A single target is generally good as you can out duel almost anyone finally rayker it is a mid-range sharpshooter with one. Heavy into light slots this robot uses a suppressor beam it hits only one target but also has the longest range and stores. Multiple charges on raker you can support teammates from the safe distance or suppress bigger threats from afar before you close in and engage physical shields.


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