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Last updated: December 22, 2019

VyprVPN APK new version 3.1.1 this apps supplied unlimited virtual private network. Use it to keep all your internet connections safe easily connect to any device like Laptop, smartphone, tablet, router and TV. If you want to hide your IP so that your personal information and online identity is protected. This ad free application, the operating system that provides the VPN application Android, iOS, Windows and more. Can provide fast and reliable links with highest level of security. This apps 6 is a global server with 70 VPN locations across the continent.


  • Developed by: Golden Frog, GmbH
  • Version: 3.1.1
  • File Size: 14MB
  • Requires for Android: Varies with device

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VyprVPN Review

This apps user actually really impressed with the customization normally. The kind of person who always hates on the customization because they're super simple. But, it really blew in my expectations it is not quite era VPN status but it's pretty damn close four and a half out of five stars. That's a very rare score for me to give out on setting the customization usage is gonna be the second-to-last category on Windows.

Their apps are extremely well designed, easy to use, and talk to each other across devices, which certainly isn’t the case for most VPNs I’ve tested. Not only is the app quite user-friendly, I also like the visual element that gives me a snapshot of my current upload/download speeds. The second unique feature is their proprietary Chameleon 256-bit encryption protocol. Now you can do a little more research on your own, but suffice to say that in countries like China and the Middle East, internet censorship has grown so sophisticated that they can actually detect VPN connections and shut them down automatically.


  • Totally Ad Free.
  • Access Unlimited Content
  • Best For Gaming & Streaming


  • Trial Version available.

New Added

  • Added Russian language to the app
  • Choose a new location without having to disconnect
  • Intuitive server selection makes connecting easy


Well, the world of Internet Security and VPNs is confusing, and frankly often a very dark place. What you'll usually find are very vague statements and no indication of who's running the show. How am I to know that it's not some hacker on the other side of the world that uses VPN software to steal my information? I don't. That's not the case with VyprVPN. I highly respect their commitment to transparency, which includes a clear vision, and an introduction of their leadership team.

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