Vinkle New Version 1.6.1 APK Download

Last updated: December 23, 2019

A great application for making or editing videos from your phone photos. The Vinkle APK new version 1.6.1 With the app you can create professional videos all the time with high quality editing process, great transitions and effects templates.

Quickly share application edited videos with your family and friends. In the first case many free templates have been given. All you have to do in this free video editing application is click and upload the photo.


  • Developed by: BIG HEAD BROTHERS
  • Version: 1.6.1
  • File Size: 33MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.4 and up

Download Vinkle APK

How to use this Apps

You need to create a music building video with your photos. This app is a professional feeding video editor and you can see there is so many different templates and each one has different types. So funnel one you like it or suitable for your style then click make video select the picture that you want it then next wedding.

It's gonna take a while okay here we got it then click Save you can find your video on your photos open your tik-tok and upload your video. The videos you make here are so smooth and full of quality that your phone needs it.


This application is getting great popularity for making 3D animation music videos. This is the best video editing application this year, according to reviews from people who have used these Vinkle apps. You can create a great video by selecting the pictures on your phone. When your videos are done, easily share popular social media with them such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Youtube and Snapchat.

The design of the application is made so simple that you can understand it within minutes. You can get reviews of how your videos are shot by social friends or your family. In this application you can easily find and use all kinds of features, music, templates and effects available to you.

New Added

  • Fixed black screen issue when starting app
  • More smooth video playback
  • More secure login

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