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Last updated: December 22, 2019

The Vainglory is Strategy section Game, This game developed by Super Evil Megacorp. Vainglory APK 4.10.0 new version, this game available Android, IOS and PC OS (Operating system). This game was created from EVIL cross-platform game engine. Interesting thinks this game is totally free, you can playing this game on anyone, anywhere, on any device.

The Vainglory is Most Powerful Engine Like Best graphics & highest frame rates across widest range of devices. And this game have totally 48+ Master heroes.Vibrant Community is big Community, 14 different languages active player. This community has many experienced players, so do not worry new Gamer you can easily learning and playing this.


  • Developed by: Super Evil Megacorp
  • Version: 4.10.0
  • File Size: 32MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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Vainglory Review

Vainglory worth playing in 2019? Answer the question yes. But vainglory might not be worth your time. Vainglory is an amazing mobile game and i would dare to say. It's the best with its new 55 mode vainglory feels like it's almost an entirely new game the graphics are incredible and pushed the limits on mobile.

Whilst still being playable on most devices whether you are a competitive player or a filthy casual. You can have a lot of fun playing the game as the controls are perfect. The gameplay is buttery smooth and the combat is very addicting best of all.

You can play with your friends it's a game that almost all mobile gamers should experience. That being said the game has its imperfections, If you don't live in a country that blesses you with less than a hundred in-game ping you will find yourself facing many frustrations many players, have a minimum ping of 400 or more the point at.

Which the game becomes unplayable the servers are one of the biggest problems. That the game has another downside to the servers would be that you cannot play with people, who are not on the same server as you which greatly divides.

The player base this means that, if you have a friend who plays the game but lives elsewhere and is on another server. You will not be able to play together Vainglory also has problems that are more recent brawl modes have become a paid to in cesspool obtaining skins that. You want through the new blueprint system is borderline impossible. The new camera option tilts the view instead of just zooming it in making the zoomed out option.

Vainglory Heroes Spotlight

San Feng Hero: We'll be looking at San Feng a master Gregor. Who turns his enemy's powers against them San Feng is a fighter who excels at absorbing damage. San Feng play style revolves around well-timed use of his iron soul perk whenever, he activates any ability his health becomes fully fortified for a short period of time.

This makes San Feng deceptively tanky use his abilities when the opponent's are about to throw out their big attacks and watch as his brain garsh rugs off the damage during a teamfight. When San Feng activates Tigers bridge he briefly enters a counter stance after.

The stance ends his next basic attack will dash to his target and deal bonus damage, if an enemy hero strikes him during his counter stance he immediately becomes empowered causing the dash attack.

Magnus Hero: The arcane Prince of Gibeah Magnus is a mid-range mage that. Chains his abilities together to devastating effect when successfully comboing his abilities. He can vaporize his enemies with a snap of his finger Magnus's playstyle revolves around his heroic part arcane right whenever an enemy is hit with any of his abilities.

It applies an arcane mark if one of his abilities hit the marked target it gains an additional effect additionally using a basic attack against. The marked target will consume arcane mark and trigger an explosion dealing bonus crystal damage Magnus's burst ability mystic missile fires.

A bolt in a target direction and deals damage to the first enemy at head, if mystic missile hits a target with an arcane mark the missile will scatter and hit all other nearby enemies in team fights.

Ylva Hero: A skilled Huntress who stalks her prey. Ylva is a jungler who specializes in ambushing enemy heroes, she uses keen instincts and traps to ensnare. Ylva can quietly stalk her prey using her heroic perk hunter sense. It allows her to detect the movement of enemies through walls and brush.

So long as they're within her vision radius her allies also benefit from this knowledge. And can see the same things in fog of war that Ylvaes. This makes it hard for Ylva to be ambushed note that this can only detect a moving enemies. So keep that in mind when face checking brush or else you might be in for a bad time.

When ILDA activates her charge shot ability she begins to store energy in her weapon on her next basic attack. She releases the energy and deals bonus damage based on. How long she spent charging it, if the ability reaches full charge the attack will also temporarily stun her target.

Ylva movement speed is slowed while charging, so make sure to pick an opportune time to activate the ability Otherwise, enemies will be able to walk away before she pulls off the stun on overdrive.

Vainglory Game play Tips

You can Play this game anywhere, any time for PC, Mac and mobile platforms. Vainglory is a global community game that runs in 14 languages.

Vision Control

Vision control with scout camps it's very important because it gives you vision on the enemy and jungle creeps. So in this clip I am farming my lane but I have to scout camps down and I noticed that Finn is coming into the bot lane and I need to be careful because. Want to take too much damage, so he ends up putting a cam so realize you know. What it's just finra now and going to put some damage but i avoided a a 2v1 in lane because of this scout camp.

Jungle Timers

The weapon train and the crystal Trant spawn 2 minutes and 30 seconds after they die. The gold oak spawns 2 minutes after dies and the healing trent and little minions spawn 1 minutes 30 seconds after they die. So in this clip rect and both collapse on their healing trent here. We force fan out and wreck starts clearing the healing tree they end up trying to contest. But do secure it so we secure it and here this is when it dies.

So now 1 min 30 seconds after dies is when it spawns again end up killing Lyra. Recall and we're just waiting for 1 min 30 seconds, so do our jungle clear right here wreck the leaves and then Koshka realizes that the healer is going to spawn. It's about 1 minute 30 seconds after clearing the wave slowly, can secure the healer while Koshka is taking it. So it does spawn and shove wave Solera can't rotate and then kill Finn and secure the healing trance. So this is how you can abuse jungle spawn timers.

Map Awareness

Checking the mini-map frequently rect and are pushing mid lane with Miko. And then realize Lyra and Finn is pushing bot rotate up to stop the push. Secure the kill on Lyra and Finn only because you checked our mini-map and saw them pushing. So you pick up the two kills end up taking their healer and shopping. Check the mini-map again and see Vox is low, rotate to pick up the kill on him us checking the mini-map made us realize Fox is low. So then are able to push the turret and apply more pressure the mini-map helps us know.


This is the difference between life and death and a teamfight rekt. And are focusing Finn then realize are very low so have to back off they start chasing us rekt moves in front of the alpha a. So it can hit him end up running away trying to create a distance between and the other players. Why are portals in sending alpha back and rekt Asian to put down some slow well.

Still running away keeping my distance this is an example of good positioning. Keep cutting alpha and alpha tries to kill me but since, kiting and making distance for myself able to live end up killing them, all this is how positioning can help you win teamfights.

Lane management

Lane management helps you make plays early game in the lane phase. So in this upcoming clip Rhona is shoving two waves, need to clear this wave so can recall and shop. Up clearing it and the next wave and then shop, buy some items and start heading to lane because their healer is about to pop. Going to slow push the wave gonna be clearing the enemy wave really slowly, Can build up my wave by doing this.

Will have a big wave under their turret so their laner can't rotate while go for their healer. And this gives some time for the healing trance to spawn so start shoving the wave. And as you can see have a big wave for the heat for the Rona to take. So wrote T down with Rex and start clearing their healing tree and then shove one more wave. So can shop again this is how Lane management can help you secure trance and even more objectives.


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