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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Unknown Fate APK new version 1.25 is a single-player game. Every story of this game is astonishing and puzzle-adventure with a mysterious story. Solve puzzles around your world travel, how true is Richard is journey? lost memories collection to uncover about this. Explore the mysterious world completely in 3D. Unknown fate is a story of discovery or perhaps I should say rediscovery the story here begins as a young gentleman is minding his own business. Outside a home when suddenly there appears to be a shift in the weather.


  • Developed by: MarsLit Games SRL
  • Version: 1.25
  • File Size: 25MB
  • Requires for Android: 6.0 and up

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Unknown Fate Review

That's not all though as it soon pretty clear that reality is no longer. What it seems as the world crumbles away into something very strange and peculiar as the wind fish from Zelda jumps over the road conveniently. The main character has lost his memory at this time and as he wanders around this strange unknown place. He'll come across a being willing to help him it's about our character regaining memories and you trying to understand them.

And piece them together you'll come across a small variety of folk in your adventure some of them more friendly. A bit meandering during a few flashbacks still it's interesting to see where it was going and where it was going to end up. And to be honest there were a few twists and turns. I genuinely didn't know where the story was going the screed lights didn't turn on Unknown Fate is described as an adventure puzzle game.

And without wanting to be overly insulting I would slide it more into the walking simulator category. Then anything else there's lots of walking around weird wonderful environments watching weird stuff happen. And then arriving at the next cut scene the puzzling and adventure. While present at times feels far less important than the visual experience as you wander around the fairly linear places.

How to Play

You'll be doing some light platforming with the generous jump button. Well, as solving puzzles using special artifacts that you'll pick up soon after starting. The first one is map to the shoulder button and it fires a beam of lighter things. It's very easy to see what can interact with thanks to a bright white icon where you should fire. It can be used to blow up boulders shift platforms into places and even defeat enemies. Yes, there is combat but I'll get to that soon you'll get in a zone later and this will allow you to manipulate objects moving them around.


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New Added

  • Minor bug fix


It's a steady upgrade system of nothing too new or adventurous and puzzles. Do tend to feel the same after a first couple of uses of the new artifact that he gets. You'll notice that things are a bit on the simplistic side hence why I feel this is more of a walking experience. then a full-blown in corrective game you're pretty much guided at every point and it's highly unlikely that you will lose your way at any moment or not know.

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