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Last updated: January 1, 2020

The Top Eleven 2020 APK new version 9.4.1 bringing many new features by global football managers. This Game developed by Nordeus and it is Sports section Game. Now Top Eleven 2019 APK 8.8.1 latest version it has extraordinary features. To make Jose Mourinho you have to create your own strategy. This video Game only play your favorite device Android.

You can play these games with your friends, also play millions of other managers on a daily basis. And create your club and build it from the ground up. This Game is translated into 31 languages, so you can playing your favorite languages.


  • Developed by: Nordeus
  • Version: 9.4.1
  • File Size: 90MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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4 Iconic Manager Nicknames

Top Eleven presents 4 Iconic Football Manager Nicknames.

Number 1: The Diva Whisperer, because of his ability to keep the superstars happy. He's managed to keep the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović motivated while juggling ambitious club owners like Silvio Berlusconi and Roman Abramovich. Now that's a true diplomat.

Number 2: The Tinker Man, for frequent changes in his squad during the Chelsea days. Interestingly, his title-winning Leicester City team had the most consistent lineup in the league that season. Guess it's time for a new nickname.

Number 3: Le Professeur, for his leadership skills, calm demeanour and dedication to football. Allegedly, he didn't miss a single training session during his 22-year long reign at Arsenal. Maybe they too have a Daily Login Bonus.

Number 4: Metalhead, because of the way he described his preferred style of football. "Arsenal plays like an orchestra, but it's a silent song. I prefer heavy metal," he famously said. Seek and Destroy - simple as that.

Players Training Tips

  • The game the new training feature will help bring your Top Eleven 2019 Experience. To the next level let's take a closer look at the new training feature and see what it has to offer training your team.
  • Is a key part of any manager's journey to success you can access the training screen as usual by the drop-down menu on the left hand side of your screen. You can select specific players for your training session you can also simply select all or choose players based on their zonal positions.
  • When selecting your players always check their condition. First you want them to be fit and ready for the future matches once you have selected your players for training don't forget to select done.
  • And head back to the general overview now it's time to arrange a training schedule for your selected players to do this. You must select your drills here you can create your training schedule from three different drill categories attack defense.
  • And physical and mental every drill improves different attributes. So think strategically while making your winning drill combinations firstly choose the type of drill. You are looking for and then select and hold your drill to drag it into your schedule the key to a successful training session.
  • Is to have a good combination of drills test a few different sessions and see what works best for your team based on the intensity of the chosen session. You can see how much it will affect the condition of your players on the right hand side of the screen level up and unlock new training drills.
  • And improve the quality of your sessions, if you are happy with your selection select done and start the training in the main screen once the training session is complete.

Top Eleven 2019 Review

How this game works all that dynamics of this game. But basically what you want to do if you play against a big open industry set the team mentality or defensive. And after that are focused passing out encourage each you put it to mixed.

Which gives your team a greater of variety or versatility, you know in a talk and it makes the teams are good have much more soft rather. Then it concentrating on one thing and passing style odd encourage,you to go the short and forced force counter talks put it to Alden.

Because you know your team is gonna have to pop the boss and try to force that counter-attack out of them park in the past. You know and try to beat the open and are through counter-attack, the counter talks because they're gonna be you know pressing is.

So hard and they're gonna be playing high because his players are gonna be very good. So pressing style our turret you know. I would encourage you to tell it to know oh hi it does not really matter but just for precaution and for safety tell it.

To low and toppling style or also tell it to normal because if you put it too hard it means that. You gotta come in off hours and you're opening might get to school from free kicks goes in this game free kicks literally you know. You can concede from 5 in 5 free kicks or something like that free kicks can easily are get schooled in this game.

Especially if the opening to playing is you very good our strikers in terms of free geeks and markings are allowed to tell you to tell it to men to men. And offside trap put it to off because if you tell it on your defenders are just gonna be caught sleeping you know.

I don't know what they usually do is they trying to you know to put that offside our trap they just got a mess it up. And just you know fable to contain the strikers, so these are basically the tactics that you.


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