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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Super Mario Run APK new version 3.0.16 this is a Action section Game. This game developed by Nintendo Co. Ltd. You well be at the goal in no time run through the shortest courses in Mario history the new version of Super Mario run. It is can be downloaded for free, you will find these four modes for free World Tour, Toad Rally, Remix 10, and Kingdom Builder.

After you purchase the game, you will be able to play all the modes with an extra payment. This game Travel to plains, caverns, ghost houses, airships, castles, and more. To rescue the princess with the browser. 24 courses have to be cleared.


  • Developed by: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Version: 3.0.16
  • File Size: 82.1MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.2 and up

Download Super Mario Run APK

Features of the Super Mario Run APK

  • It's a brand new mode Remix 10. In this mode you'll play through 10 very short courses which course will appear next clearing these. So rapidly will require split-second decision-making on the fifth course you'll need to play as a different character with a play style different from Mario's. And when you clear the tenth course you'll get to play the bonus game for an item.
  • If you collect enough bonus medals you can earn a chance to play the super bonus game. Which can net you some rare items you can use these items to create quite. The lively Kingdom and you may be lucky enough to hit the occasional special course. Which has more coins than usual continue clearing courses through remix 10 to find a new playable character.
  • Daisy her double jump allows her to jump higher and farther than other characters talk about reaching new heights. You can enjoy remix 10 before purchasing the full game. The random remix courses can make the game feel fresh no matter how many times you play. But that's not all there's a whole new world world star these nine new unique courses are filled with new tricks traps and troublesome foes.
  • But you'll need to clear specific challenges before you can access courses in world star and finally. We're pleased to introduce you to headphone Mario. When Mario dodges headphones the in-game music will be muted, so you can listen to the music stored on your device as you play Mario's friends. Who are headphones of their own to so come check out super Mario run and this brand-new content.

Super Mario Run Level Review

Trying to find the hardest Mario level wasn't very easy since there's literally hundreds and hundreds of them. I'm including stuff from the mainline games only and as a side note the challenges from New Super Mario Bros. You don't count I'll have another top-10 on those specifically later on but without further.

Super Mario World

Tubular is one of star road and the main idea is to essentially float from one side to the other. You'll use balloon Mario of course to do this and you have to keep hitting the correct question mark blocks. So your power up won't go away while all this is happening you have a barrage of enemies to avoid.

And you can't get hit at all because there's no ground to land on. So the pressure is on and you have to learn when enemies are gonna hurl fire or baseballs at you to avoid them thankfully this level is short. But you'll spend a long time here just trying to get through it I do have to admit that it is one of the more creative Mario levels. This seems like something you would find in Super Mario maker and that's pretty neat.

Super Mario Bros Wii

Is not known for being the most difficult Mario game ever but world 9 fills up that department especially with 9-7 most of the ground is covered in ice. And not only that but munchers are underneath most of it that might not seem like that big a deal outside of the fact. That fire piranha plants are all over the place melting all the ice yeah there's no time for lolly gagging. You're kind of forced to rush through the level to avoid dying the difficulty just ramps up as you move along.

You'll find these brown spikes with hitting goombas in them - ice with nothing underneath but a death pit and those horrible fire bros. That melt half of your platform after throwing just one or two fireballs. I do have to admit that if you just run through the level it's really not that bad with some practice. But trying to get the star coins on the other hand is a different story the second one is really obnoxious. Because you have 2 options 1 wait for the Piranha Plants to melt the ice which makes it hard to move on since.

The ice ahead of you is probably melted or to throw a fireball yourself and melt half the ground in front of you. And then the third star coin is in the most ridiculous spot you have to let the fire bros melt specific parts of the ice. You have to do it yourself but you can't melt too much ice or the star coin will be impossible to get 9-7 is all sorts of evil and to think we're only just getting started.

Super Mario 3D Land

That has a very similar vibe Mario 3D Land special 8 crown is the last stage. You'll mock and it's essentially the precursor to champions Road the main difference is the controls now. I'm not saying they're bad in 3D Land but 3D world definitely has a much smoother feeling since in 3D Land. You can only move in 8 directions plus the depth perception is a bit more clunky.

I do think the level it self at a crown also has more challenging elements to it. There's a lot of platforms that are really tiny or force you to bounce off an enemy just to get across halfway through. You'll even have to fight a boom boom at the same time which isn't that bad but it just goes to show how much more you have to put in now like 3D world.

You can't of course use the tail to help out but even then this stage is killer just because of the amount of crap. That's getting thrown at you I mean at the end you have to fire bar segments that require pristine movement to avoid. And then there's this obnoxious fire maze part with clone Mario's following you from behind in the Bob part. Where they just fall from the sky is pretty scary as well you kind of just have to hope. You don't get hit because tons of them fall at once.


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New Added

  • An issue that resulted in the game unexpectedly closing when connecting Bluetooth earphones has been fixed.
  • Other changes and improvements.

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