Sling TV New Version 6.15.3 APK Download

Last updated: December 22, 2019

Sling TV APK new version 6.15.3, it is America number one live TV streaming service. You can watch over a 150+ channels like FX, NFL Network, AMC, TNT and more follow your favorite teams. And players with live coverage from all the major pro and colleges including the UFC catch this season is pop shows. But, when they air or binge watch the biggest hits on demand Plus get more laughs and live action comedy on channels like Cartoon Network. Puts you in control personalize your channel lineup and stream live TV for less with no long term contracts.


  • Developed by: Sling TV, L.L.C.
  • Version: 6.15.3
  • File Size: 23MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.4 and up

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Sling TV Review

As you may already know, the Internet plays a huge role in how Sling TV works. But how exactly do Sling TV and the internet relate? When sending content through the internet, all files, from videos to emails, get broken down into small bits of data called packages. Smaller content, like an email, requires fewer packages, while bigger content, like your favorite high quality TV shows, require more. As each package travels through the internet, they do not always follow the same path.

Package one may travel through gateway a, b, and c, to reach your device, but package two may pass through c, a, and b to land at the same point. So, if your video is split into 5 packages each package could travel a different path to reach your device. The Sling TV app on your device quickly reassembles the packages back into the high quality TV show you requested. Amazingly, this all happens within seconds! Since we all access the Internet through different means, the speed by which the packages travel varies.

The type of internet you use determines the amount of bandwidth you have and your bandwidth plays a major role in how quickly you can transmit information. Bandwidth is kind of like a tunnel that expands and contracts based on usage. Just like a tunnel, your bandwidth will only allow so much data to be transferred at a given time. Too many packages traveling through the same tunnel can slow down the travel rate.

Even high bandwidth caps can be slowed down when multiple devices are requesting content at the same time. Why does that matter to us? Well, the slower the Internet connection is, the lower the video quality you may see when streaming. Without the internet, Sling TV would not be able to provide you with all of your favorite shows at a click of a button!


  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Location

New Added

  • Improvements to speed and stability


Because our app relies on the internet, we can see how this might be confusing. Although your computer definitely can be used to watch Sling TV, there are many other devices you can use to watch the programming you love. The even better news is that this list of devices just keeps growing. Now, let’s talk about how you can watch Sling! We’re available on Mac and PC, iOS and Android phones and tablets, gaming systems, smart TVs, and tons of different streaming devices. From your computer or mobile device, simply visit, set up an account, and install our app.

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