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Last updated: December 22, 2019

SimCity BuildIt APK new version this game hero could create a beautiful, bustling and metropolis design. Decisions will take you so your city will be bigger and complex. If your citizens are happy and want to keep skylines growing, then you need to be prepared with a smart choice. You can unlock exclusive landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and create more Tokyo-style neighborhoods.You can earn disaster cards, simcasses, and other valuable to use in your battle.You can be the top mayor and beautify your city by upgrading then get that rewards.


  • Developed by: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Version:
  • File Size: 100MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.0.3 and up

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Gameplay Tips

Optimize your services game in SimCity, the three services in question are health police and fire these service buildings need to be placed. Strategically around your game field adjacent to residential zones to ensure sufficient coverage by these services. Using the data layers you can understand which of your zones are covered by fire stations and which are not here tsimmes will definitely let you know.

SimCity is all about choices and city specializations are just one way that. You can make your city unique you access specializations from the lower right hand corner of the main HUD. Now, going to look at the transportation specialization in more detail. You purchase these buildings using the mayor keys that you're earning from doing boat missions and disaster challenges. Specialization buildings offer massive population boosts, so you're going to want to be smart about. Where you place them by putting them in densely populated areas to maximize this bonus.

SimCity BuildIt Review

SimCity BuildIt is a reimagining of this classic game for a new generation of native players. This is the city building game that's starting at all 25 years ago love SimCity have we been playing this game for years but early on in the creative process. Knew that to make this SimCity as much fun on mobile, going to have to take some risks and we're going to break some rules on the one hand. Deliver on the things that make SimCity, unpredictability meaningful choices makes of control and chaos but had to do it in a way.

That was more approachable to a new generation of newbie players. Who play differently they want to pick up and play experience and have to satisfy that experience in much shorter life sessions they also want to try their games for free. So the first step was to start a dialogue with our most die-hard fans and with mobile gamers across. The spectrum strategy players to Sim builders to understand what their expectations were so that we could deliver on the essence of what.

Makes SimCity but not be constrained creatively by attempting to port a PC game to mobile SimCity building is rendered in gorgeous real-time 3D with all the attention to detail. And all the bells and whistles the 3D offers there is a rich simulation under the hood but all that complexity is distilled down into an incredibly approachable form factor for our players. There's things you're going to immediately recognize from SimCity their zoning roads traffic services data layers and of course there are disasters.

But into this introducing something new crafting just like in a real city as the mayor you need to produce goods. And services to help your city thrive and come to life and finally it's delivered with all the humor and whimsy that come to expect for a game called SimCity.


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New Added

  • Compete in Contest of Mayors Seasons: on April 10
  • Create lush forests with Palm Trees and Weeping Willows

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