Shadowgun Legends New Version 1.0.2 APK Download

Last updated: December 22, 2019

Shadowgun Legends APK new version 1.0.2 is a shooter game. This game developed by MADFINGER Games, and one FPS MMO action game, installing this game required device 6.0 and up. This game is very good and aim control guaranteed. The world is shooter game lovers, they love to play the game. Now, 200 million players around the world. If you want, challenge your friend easily 1vs1 and there are more opportunities you can join team in 4vs4 for PVP experience in shooting games.


  • Developed by: MADFINGER Games
  • Version: 1.0.2
  • File Size: 71.2MB
  • Requires for Android: 6.0 and up

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Gameplay Tips

The time is finally upon us the time when other mobile shooters cease to exist the time of Shadowgun Legends. Madfinger games is known for creating triple a mobile game experiences will this expertise result in a majestic persistent FPS. Its way onto Android and Apple devices first up gameplay an alien killing social club dancing colorful weapon and gear collecting free to play FPS MMO extravaganza.

Welcome to the world of ShadowGun a place where flexing your gear is acceptable and dueling to the death is encouraged. The amount of content in this game is enough for multiple reloads, so start with the campaign go on a solo campaign to destroy alien invaders Colet gear earn coins. And gain fame then take on more missions buy and sell gear and continue blasting the aliens back to the dumpster planet.

They Game from the campaign in itself is fast-paced frantic fun but that is just the tip of the armor-clad iceberg there's also side quests for leveling up. But most of all it's the PvP and co-op sections that will have you farming for better gear like a hoarding maniac take on tools four-on-four or massive raids against hard fought bosses.

Yes, the boss battles consists of massive beings that will decimate your entire low-level squad urging. You to continue through its missions just to find a piece of armor that will allow you to survive with a sliver of health then buy and sell more gear take on contracts for coin gamble in a casino or just groove.

Out in its main social hub for originality it's actually named the hub it's here you can join a squad add friends or just admire other players. And their awesome attire Now, may be forgetting a few other gameplay elements but that's just a testament to the amount of content. This game pushes forward never was bored and the idea of looting better gear with each stage left me clamoring for more FPS fun.

Shadowgun Legends Review

If you are a fan of shooters, you will love this game stay tuned to find out why. This is the best shooter on mobile and what exactly makes it. All of them the thing that makes this game interesting is it does moods in a very peculiar way you start by creating your character. And then it dumps you into what it looks like a middle courtyard that houses of variety of storefronts. With characters from previous Shadowgun games in charge of those stores for instance Slade is in charge of your solo weapons and tasks Pedro is in charge of decoding and custom gear big red is in charge of your armor.


The interface design is great expect nothing less from mod finger games. They're a top-notch mobile developer who create amazing games worth playing and have always had a top-notch design and artwork in all their games. The interface design is really clean and Morton and completely fits with the game is trying to convey. No complaints on the design they hired great designers every button is completely responsive to the touch and they work perfectly. Graphics are of course top-notch as well probably compare the best-looking mode to the late PS3 graphics.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Storage
  • Microphone

New Added

  • Players can now join ongoing PvP Matches, Dungeons and Arenas.
  • Improved team balancing.
  • Low-end device optimization.
  • Road to Legend Improvements.
  • Vendor offers tailored to player’s progress.
  • Crash rate reduced.
  • PvP player outlines improved.
  • Premium player inventory space increased to 300 slots.
  • bug fixes.

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