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Last updated: December 22, 2019

RuneScape APK new version 910_4_8_1, from here you can research and discover new devices and then manufacture them. You will also unlock the ability to disassemble items into new materials. You can then use these to create a wide variety of perks for your weapons and armour. We want you to experiment with Invention and discover things for yourself. Use the Analyse ability to determine the potential materials from disassembling an item. Pay particular attention to the junk chance when analysing an item. High value items have higher material value.


  • Developed by: Jagex Games Studio
  • Version: 910_4_8_1
  • File Size: 23.7MB
  • Requires for Android: Varies with device

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RuneScape Review

RuneScape for the better, we're feeling pretty confident because we've had input from so many of you over the course of the project. From dev diaries and design documents to open betas and a major poll. And even completely restarting the project when you told us that it was going in the wrong direction. Thank you for all your help. Just as importantly, we think that the skills just feel right now.

With rocks not depleting, you don't have to hop worlds and you can mine socially with friends. The tiers of ore and metal make sense now, requiring the same level to mine and smith as they do to wear, which to be honest is how they always should have worked. It's not just the new and low level players though. Both skills will also be moneymakers now, if you choose to play in that way, which brings profit back to non-combat skills.

There's a lot more to talk about, so keep an eye out for the upcoming Mining and Smithing rework video for more details. We're not done with January though. The Valkyries Return is a lightning-charged version of the yearly Hati wolf event.


  • Wi-Fi connection information

New Added

  • Bug fixes


You can just jump in and augment any of your existing gear and use it in the wild. There's still plenty to unlock though, from passive upgrades to rarer materials, but the intention is to get you rolling from the very start. We've also delicately changed the XP needed to reach each level. It's satisfying at early levels. Getting a 99 or 120 should take about the same time as existing skills and latter levels will not feel quite as hard to get through.

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