PowerDirector New Version 6.5.0 APK Download

Last updated: December 22, 2019

If you want edit video, so download PowerDirector APK 6.5.0 new version, multiple track, timeline video editing and powerful app. You can edit slow motion, effects, reverse video & more. And it is video cutter tools, download for free. Change backgrounds, it is new featured on PowerDirector green screen, Blue screen and more add background graphics over footage. Play your video in slow motion, you change video speed to produce slow and first. Your video editing done then ready so directly share on YouTube, Facebook & more! Add videos from your Timeline.


  • Developed by: CyberLink
  • Version: 6.5.0
  • File Size: 55MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.3 and up

Download PowerDirector APK

How to use the App

Open this apps and create a new project, then type your project a name. So straight out it takes you to the import video screen, so just hit the back button to get back out of that, this is the overall interface for CyberLink obviously got your timeline at the bottom on the right hand side. Have settings share and our play button there's also the undo button there as well and on the Left and got our main feature buttons. Talk many option on this PowerDirector apps,

Create a Freeze Frame Clone effect

Take screenshots of the moment you want to freeze from the original video Enter the PhotoDirector App and choose ';Edit' Select the screenshots to edit To remove the background, click the ';Cutout' option. Use the brush to select the range of your object Click ';Cut' to cut out the selected area from the photo Set the background color as green and then save the image.

Use the same method to cut out other screenshots Open up PowerDirector and drag your video onto the first track Press the ';Overlay' icon and import your green screen photos to the timeline. Adjust the length of all the photos, set as long as the original video Re-size the photos to match the background video. Click the ';Edit' icon and select ';Chroma key' Using the ';Color Picker' select the color you wish to remove. Select the image track, click ';Edit' then select ';Fade' Disable the Fade in/Fade out effect. When you have finished all the chroma key editing, every freeze frame effect will show on the video Go to where your video matches with each freeze frame.

Create a vanishing and reappearing effect

First we are going to create a quick costume changing effect. Shoot your subject twice, with and without costume. We'e using a tree to block the subject entirely during the change. Drag your videos onto the timeline and add a ';Fade' transition to make the change look seamless. Next we will use green screen smoke footage to create the vanishing effect. You can download this kind of green screen footage from YouTube.

Select the smoke footage and press the ';Edit' icon, then click on ';Chroma Key'. Use the color picker to remove the green background. Increase on ';Color Range' to get a cleaner result. Trim the end of your clip and add a plain background video to make your subject disappear completely. Also trim the smoke footage clip. Add another plain background video onto the timeline for the reappearing effect.

Now add the same scene but with the subject included. Again, add a ';Fade' transition between these two clips. To use the same smoke effect, select the previous green screen footage, and press the ';Edit' icon and then ';Duplicate'. Resize and reposition the smoke footage to cover your subject. Adjust the color to change the mood of your video. Select the video, press the ';Edit' icon, and then press ';Color'.

Here you can choose from a range of templates that deliver different color grading effects. The last step is to add background music. Do this by entering the music library from the media room. Select the music you like and add it to the timeline.

Stunning Intro

Press the “Media Library” icon and add background music from the Music and Sound Clips. Add your music to the timeline and trim the section you are going to use. Next, import the images or video clips and adjust the duration of the clips accordingly. Press the “Edit” icon > “Pan & Zoom” to create a custom movement. Tap on the “Overlay” icon and select the “Title” tool to add a title. Select the title on the timeline to adjust the font and size.

With the ';Overlay' tool, you may also add stickers or images to your video. Next, press on the “fx” icon and add the Gaussian Blur to the background image to make the title pop out. You can also adjust the strength of the effect by pressing the ';Edit' icon. Click ';Media Library' icon and select ';Color Board'. We’ll be alternating between two colors to match the titles. Trim the title to one or two frames. Lastly, press the “Transition” icon between two clips and select the transition you want.

Trim Video

Go to the ';Edit' module and load your video. Select ';Trim' (it's ';Edit' in the latest version) Drag the blue handles to trim the clip as desired. Press the play button to preview & the tick icon when done.

Adding a Title

Adding and Editing Titles Press “Title”. You can add titles to the beginning and end of your clip. Use “Default” to overlay text onto your video. Adjust the green bars to set the title duration. You can also change the font, color and position the tick icon when done.

Creating Pan & Zoom Effect

Add a photo to your movie timeline Press the photo to select it. Select the Pan & Zoom function Let PowerDirector create the effect by selecting Random Motion Choose Custom Motion to create your own effect Adjust. The starting size and position Do the same for the end position Press play to preview the effect.

Extract Audio from Video

Press the “Media” icon and find the video you want to extract audio from. Long press the video and drag it to the audio track on the timeline. Trim the audio clip using the purple handles. To adjust audio levels, select the audio track, and press the ';Edit' icon.

Adding Custom Fonts

Step 1. Open any file browser app.

Step 2. Find your TrueType (.TTF) or OpenType (.OTF) font file. Please note: .OTF fonts require Android 8.0 or above.

Step 3. Copy or move your font file to the path: Internal Storage/PowerDirector/fonts/custom/ You may create the folders if you don't find it.

Step 4. Go to Title Designer in PowerDirector, now you can find the custom fonts in the drop-down menu.


  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Microphone

New Added

  • 10 NEW Glitch Effects
  • Supports Android 10

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