Monster Legends New Version 9.2.15 APK Download

Last updated: January 8, 2020

This game is the fight with legends. Monster Legends APK new version 9.2.15 and it is developed by Social Point. This Monster Video Game have big community over 60 million players, so you connect your friend play with. The Monster Legends Game have 400 monsters is added every week.

When your monsters level up then you can boosts for the battles ahead. And if you want to top this game Battles will require follow strategy. The most important thing is to protect your monsters from Monster Masters. So let start download this game, and is totally free game.


  • Developed by: Social Point
  • Version: 9.2.15
  • File Size: 100MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.0.3 and up

Download Monster Legends APK

Monster Legends Features

  • Monsters are made in various components
  • Unbelievable monsters can be collected in a limited time
  • Level up your monsters boosts for the battles ahead
  • To strengthen your monster, you need to up your rank


I do believe he's one of the better war masters unranked there are some more masters that.You get at level 100 and they're not that great but shares are isn't one of them shares are already. If you just look at the treat status effects have a 35%. it's actually against them alright that's standard however, you have a status custard codons protection.

So time Arion Montezuma Dungeon Master all the code on activate the skills they won't touch. You and also more importantly you get area tray truvizion meaning. You will just about always land the deny and this is especially important when the enemies have bulwark or when you're fighting other war masters.

That have a status affects 35% less accuracy against it when you fight when you're fighting monsters. I have hardened or tough you know if you're going up against a Baltic and you don't deny Baltic you're done for it. If you fight Travis and you don't deny charmless you're done for but thanks to your area trade True Vision you're gonna be landing the denied.

So the way to use this war master at level 100 is basically to give to make them a team speed holder and all you want to do is. You want your main deny monster to go first and you're pretty much gonna be always be 90 in the deny. You're also pretty much always gonna be landing any attacks, you deal so if you have a strong a tiger your tiger.

Won't miss you won't need to worry about doing a naeli and missing because the a regional and thanks for your true vision trait. So this monster I think he's incredible at level 100 I mean obviously rank 4 when you get your deny skills at ring two. You get your coat on activated which makes them far superior than unranked and I rank 4 you get his his random spell book skill that applies around the control scale to all of the enemy monsters.

Tips & Tricks

The monster Cell week is it's basically just the perfect time to buy Monster Cells realistically. It's the only time you should be buying monster cells during the monster cell week it's essentially buy one cell get one free. So that makes it the perfect opportunity to get enough cells to craft the monster.

You've always wanted a crap or to get enough cells to rank up a monster and make them really powerful. There's a few misconceptions with exactly how the monster cell week works especially with how many game. Do you need to use up in order to get enough cells to crop the monster, that let me just explain crafting for those of you that quite don't understand how it works.

So if you want to craft any monster you need 100 monster cells of that monster however, If you don't have 100 monster cells you can also substitute Elementium but as far as substituting Elementium. There's essentially two different cases the first of which is if you've never had that monster before.

I should say you need to acquire a T monster cells, However, you can whether it be donations or buying them during the monster, so weak and once you have 80 monster cells then you can use a remaining 20 Elementium to make your monster.

And then the second scenario is if you already have that monster, so as you can see here I already have dead wolf and if I want to I don't even need 78 more monster cells. I can just use 98 Elementium and I could craft dead wolf. So I hope you guys understood a bit about using Elementium going back to the example of trying to craft a monster.


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New Added

  • The Legends Pass is a new Monster Legends system that will allow you to obtain rewards and privileges, like a highly-awaited hatching boost, by completing exciting challenges.
  • Watch out for the brand new Monster Skins, which will allow you to customize your monsters in ways you've never experienced!

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