MLBB 2.0 New Version APK Download

Last updated: January 7, 2020

If you want to join the 5v5 MOBA showdown with friends, then you have to play this game. Its name MLBB 2.0 APK full meaning Mobile Legends Bang Bang. You can choose your favorite heroine while playing. And you have to do 10 seconds of matchmaking and then 10 minutes of fighting. In this game you will find tower rushing, laning, jungling, team battles, all these fun action games here.The game has been running as an eSports masterpiece since 2017 worldwide.


  • Developed by: Moonton
  • Version:
  • File Size: 96.2MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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MLBB Review

If your phone is thirsty for war then you play this game. Russia basic attack is very deadly and she is outstanding movement speed. What is more she has a unique disarm ability and multiple HP bars she can take a great advantage. While fighting against enemies passive ancient strength Masha gets ancient strength from the bear king. And has three HP bars each time she loses one HP bar she can block the damage once. However, she will die after she loses the last HP bar each time Master loses.

A certain amount of HP her attack speed will be increased and based on total HP of three HP bars. Mashable gets physical life steel when she loses her first HP bar her physical life steel will be enhanced and she will enjoy reduced time control. Since Lilia can develop her gloom and deal massive damage.

We strongly recommend this set of equipment Enchanted talisman and lightning truncheon can provide enough cooldown reduction Allowing Lilia to maintain a gloom with max level more easily Ice. Queen wand will help Lilia hit enemies more easily Damage provided by concentrated energy and holy crystal will help the gloom with max level kill enemy damage dealers Control the frequency of shadow energy and release the shadow energy.

New Added

  • Map “Celestial Palace” will be changed to “M1 Top Honor” in the next 2 months.
  • From S14, new rules and 3-Ban Draft will be applied in Ranked matches for Mythic players.
  • [Son of Flames] - Vailr is revamped.
  • Added new Battle Spells: Revitalize and Flameshot.
  • New Hero: [Black Tortoise] - Baxia will come to Official Server on October 8th.
  • New Hero: [Wild-oats Fist] - Masha will come to Official Server on September 17th.


You have to play with the virtual joystick on the left and the skill buttons on the right while playing the game. So since you have to play with fingers, master should be for 2 fingers. AutoLock and Target Cifting make this feature even more fun to play. If you skip Internet connection, Smart Offline AI Assistance can be back in the battle for a few seconds due to this feature.

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