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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Lords Mobile APK new version 2.15 is a real-time strategy MM or with RPG elements including. This game is set in a chaotic fantasy world full of kingdoms battling to dominate the world basically. The idea of this game is to build up an empire strong enough to hold up against any players attack basically.

Anyone who is tried to come in conquer it and now as doing, so you can build up troops build up anything that you want to go ahead and conquer any other weak players. That are not capable of defending themselves you can just take over the Empire and it becomes yours automatically. you can gain luta from defeating them which can be used and to upgrade many stuff inside.


  • Developed by: IGG
  • Version: 2.15
  • File Size: 69MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.0.3 and up

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Gameplay Tips

All of the chapters it's gonna start you into the chapters recommend going through and making sure every single day. You are using all of your STA on those chapters making sure that not only. Are you trying to push ahead but you're trying to get as far as ahead as you can in the chapters. Because when you are starting out in this game most of your XP as well as your Heroes. Going to be getting leveled up through there and if you want to get a little bit of faster XP. You're gonna want to go after that as often as you possibly can now assuming that.

You have done that, it is important to know that increasing your castle level and your player level. Is kind of gonna have to go in sequence with the kind of quest smite. That you can accomplish meaning that a lot of your progress in this game to level up. Anywhere, faster is going to have to start in the economy tree. And why do say that because the construction speed which is what is responsible for getting buildings faster is going to be predominantly. The most important thing that you're gonna want to go after early on in the game now.

Lords Mobile Review

The game one of the popular overuse currency system for the game. Which is gold you can use gold pretty much to upgrade anything on this game. Other then that this game has a campaign which is called Al and a PvP mode. This game as Heroes which it's not like other game with it you only have like two or one Heroes. But this game has multiple Heroes that you can use you can join clan in this game.

You have a variety of different units, barracks you can upgrade your back resource, new units and overtime to access more powerful Union. You can craft equipment in this game it's just absolutely amazing the amount of stuff. This game consists has so many things that each and every day. Play this game discover a new thing that's how this game it has so many things. So many futures and many learn things that you can do inside this game you would not get bored.


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  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Device & app history

New Added

  • Familiars are ready to join the battlefield
  • New Research Tree: Familiar Battles (Unlocked at Academy Lv 21)
  • Added new items to the Gem Mall: Bright Talent Orb, Brilliant Talent Orb
  • The Limited Challenge returns! A new Hero requires your aid
  • Various UI adjustments

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