Jurassic World New Version 1.39.5 APK Download

Last updated: December 22, 2019

This is most popular adventure action in summer game, Jurassic World APK new version 1.39.5 now, developed by Ludia Inc. and this build a winning Battle Arena team. Returned to the island and built the theme park of tomorrow take it to the lab and create powerful hype rags. Challenging opponents in earth-shaking battles and bring Jurassic world to life. You can collect more than 200 dinosaurs in this game, and you can earn daily coins, DNA and other necessary resources.


  • Developed by: Ludia Inc.
  • Version: 1.39.5
  • File Size: 22.2MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.3 and up

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Jurassic World Gameplay

Is to continue throughout it sounds pretty basic but if you've started it. You need to make sure you can finish it if you start off on a massive high and get like 400 sort of a cups in one day. And then the next day do nothing it's almost guaranteed you're probably giving no higher than predator, so you need to make sure that you're keeping your momentum going while.

Do personally is get three sets of battles in a day, so that might seem like a lot to a lot of you but that's simply for you it's. Before work after work and before you go to bed that's been loud but essentially that is the best way to keep it up and can just do it it's it certain in the book.

So if you're at school or college maybe after every sort of three four lessons or so if of course. You have access to your phone, if you're aware do that and if you don't work just set an alarm every 7 hours or whenever your highest one recharge. It you can use your lowest ones in the mean time your highest ones are always important when you're in the higher leagues.

Jurassic World Review

Now in the mission set you'll have a special section for daily missions, so what you have to do is complete time and every time you complete one of the daily missions. You receive goods but once you complete all the taunts all the little emissions of the day well you will receive a supercool definitions pack. So we'll have 24 hours to complete your daily missions and once they're completed and when you come back the next day well.

Community you guys will have a permanent place in the game, where you'll be able to connect with other players you'll be able to check out all our social medias including some pretty great fun. You can share on Instagram in the same community tab you'll also be able to reach our support team in case you run into any issues.

Now, going to present you our biggest feature for these updates well as far as concerned. It's the creature to operate the Creature Grocery will be found in the parks innovation center here, you'll be able to browse through all your unlocked creatures. You'll even get a dodging their kill and those you have yet to collect and by tapping on the button. You'll be able to enter the creatures cage no more having to search all of island or that one guy no you needed to feed.

Allow every player from the newest to the most experienced to purchase tickets for prize containers. All only a few players will win the grand prize every ticket is a winner no one walks away empty-handed.

You'll be able to see each creature in their enclosure and access a preview of each of their evolutions in addition. You'll get rewards the first time you access each creature evolution. And you can clean the reward retro actively also included awesome dino effect with every new feature evolution.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Camera

New Added

  • New creatures will be entering the parks soon come back daily for more details.
  • Stability optimizations and various bug fixes.

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