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Last updated: December 22, 2019

InShot is a simple and powerful video added app. Aside from the basic editing features like trimming videos, merging clips it also helps adjust the video speed in fast or slow motion within shots. It is super easy to crop unwanted parts of the video, InShot APK new version 1.625.261 have a huge music library 100% for free and will be updated constantly of course. You can also use a music stored on your phone vintage theaters and fantastic facts.


  • Developed by: InShot Inc.
  • Version: 1.625.261
  • File Size: 27MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.3 and up

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How to Use The Apps

InShot video editor works on both iOS and Android device. You can add backgrounds to photos on your project. This apps have many video editing option. You can work on making videos for free versions of this apps. Really intuitive video editing app and that's something that was really surprising to you. It's probably the fastest app out there to be able to edit your videos down really quickly, but we're talking simple edits here, not really, really advanced edits.

It's got really great color correction options and filters and things that you can apply across your video and it supports all the major video sizes or formats, making it perfect for creating social media content. It's also said the app itself, the overall interface is really intuitive and easy to use and it's actually professional video editing applications.

Add Backgrounds to Photos

Backgrounds to your videos or photos to make them stand out open the end chat app. Tap the icon select the photo or video that you want to work with the photo will be displayed on the right. And the video on the left in order to use a background you'll need to adjust the canvas. So, that you can see the background in this case going to use sixteen by nine as. You can be uploading this video to YouTube by default in shot uses the same photo or the background. You can easily change this just tap on the background icon.

Add Multiple Video Clips

Video clips tap the icon this is the video selection screen to select multiple video clips tap the check mark in the bottom. Right hand corner at the top of the screen you will see this yellow bar. Now, you can select multiple clips to add to the project just tap the clips that you want to add. When you've selected your clips tap the green check mark in the bottom right hand corner. Those clips have now been added to the project each of these clips are a minute long. So going to manually scrub through the footage.

Edit Multiple Photos

Do you need to edit multiple photos at the same time using the multi edit feature in the enjoyed Video Editor. And now you can tap the photo icon and select the photo you want to work with when it loads. You'll notice a multi edit button at the bottom of the screen focus on that feature in this video of course. You can add multiple photos just as you can with videos but you can't add multiple copies of the same photo unless.

InShot Review

You will make your videos stand out on the social media there are a lot of theatres. And this apps developed by InShot Inc and facts you can choose to which you're like ever try fitting your video whispering get started making video links with in shock it serves. We found to decorate video with tags and stickers Wow the animated stickers look amazing in the video. Don't be surprised in shot is also professional in photo editing and crush making, so what are you waiting for down now and give it a shot.

You can trim the video length like you need and spend. Split into two parts of your video, multi split video in different clips. When your video is complete, then export the video in HD quality. The kind of video you need for Youtube. You can easy-to-use free movie maker & vertical video editor. Your multiple video clips merge into one video. This is a free pro video editors for YouTube, Instagram, IGTV, Messenger, Facebook,, Tik Tok, Twitter etc.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage

New Added

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.


This is definitely on the simpler end and the more basic end, but it's still for what it is, it's really really powerful. It doesn't have all the extra fancy features and things like, support for multiple video layers or multiple audio layers. There's no advanced video or audio editing features like that you find in KineMaster and PowerDirector but, really think the focus for this app isn't on those more advanced longer form pieces of content.

This is more around short, sharp, social media post, really, it'll be prefect for that, and the app itself is free, but there are ads in it, there are ads while you're editing that appear on the side of the timeline area, but also, before you go to do things like, save your video out. Now, if you do wait for that ad to play before you save out your video, then your video is gonna be exported without any watermarks or branding,

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