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Last updated: December 22, 2019

The media consumption habits of the filipinos are about to change forever as iflix. Is having access to over 10,000 hours of content completely on-demand on every single one of your devices. So it is TV on-demand the target market is everyone who loves content and has access to a mobile device or a tablet or PC and has access to the Internet. They can watch shows Whenever, they want wherever they want they can binge on every season every episode ever made for a small monthly fee users. Can log on to iflix APK new version 3.32.0-17717 on a maximum of five devices that is equivalent to a small household that can watch the preferred TV shows and movies on their own time.


  • Developed by: iflix Sdn Bhd
  • Version: 3.32.0-17717
  • File Size: 22.4MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.3 and up

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iflix content you can find most of them are in Malay, Chinese, Filipino and Korean and there's also Western content from the United States and the UK. But it's not as much as the Southeast Asian content that is on. iflix also another thing where place is the fact that you cannot actually get recent movies as some of the library's kind of data and documentaries wise is not that much and there's also a dedicated kids section.

But it's not that big actually with your click subscription it supports up to 5 devices per membership and something. Really love is the fact that you can actually download for offline viewing across your devices as. Talked about in dedicated iflix video there's also resumption so when you're watching on one device you can resume what a Panera device.

iflix Review

It's not just Western titles that users will get to enjoy on the service as they can stream shows and movies from a growing library of regional and local content. As well and although the threat of pirated content is a big concern Country Manager for the Philippines. Sherwin Dela Cruz says, iflix is not overly concerned we're really here to change customer behavior. We believe that people don't really want to wake up every day and want the pirate content.

They just don't have the right means on how to get content, so it's definitely going to be a dual-use at start but the aspiration is that eventually people will just go to iflix application and just binge watch content and upon content. You know it's so hard to pirate and torrent and while it is happening now and we acknowledge that, that's going to be dual-use eventually people.

Are going to pirate a little less and watch it in a flakes a little more the launch of the country's. First streaming service at the green Sun Hotel was a bona fide party and it drew in a lot of personalities including Heather Morris star of the hip US TV show. Bleep, now people interested in iflix can avail of a 14-day free trial where they can explore just how extensive. Alex's library is before they buy into the service additionally the company is planning to add more features to their service. Including the capability to download content to personal devices that you can watch at a later time you.


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