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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Hearthstone is Entertainment award-winning collectable card game. This game have to make a strong deck and collect powerful cards. Hearthstone online game first release March 11, 2014. Hearthstone APK 16.0.38203 new version, you can free download it. You can clash with friends and join the millions of players enjoying this game.

This card game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. And this game original subtitle Heroes of Warcraft. Builds upon the existing lore of the Warcraft series use the same elements and characters.


  • Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.
  • Version: 16.0.38203
  • File Size: 39.8MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.0.3 and up

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Hearthstone Features

  • Now the cards show me a tinker So clever, but kind of a stinker. In a storm that’s a-raging Sits the last one I’m paging A truly unusual thinker. All bots are now gonna go boom! But still, you shouldn’t assume That I’ve made this selection On my own direction No indeed, let’s be clear I have brought you all here And now you’re all in It is time to begin.
  • The cards see a heart that is stony And a totem that’s all kinda bony. We welcome you into dis room! An’ we promise your enemy’s doom! Just one more who’s comin’ The last one I summon is a fella who makes things go Boom!
  • Each team mate I’m callin’ has stories This tale’s about riches and glories. Such a shame to have lost all that treasure! Join up, be a kobold of leisure! The cards now be calling Someone new,no more stalling And we next, will be takin’ her measure.

How to A Better Play

The match even starts in the Mulligan phase, so of course you kind of want to get the best hand. You can and Mulligan out the cards you know you don't want, but you also want to take a look at your opponent. And see what they're getting rid of and kind of replacing. We look at the warrior he actually got rid of two cards, this tells me there was two cards in his hand worthy of keeping against a mage early on.

Which is probably going to be either a desk bite or a fiery war axe, so off the bat we can assume that he's probably going to coin into a fiery war axe or play a desk bite on turn three with the coin it looks like the fiery war axe is. What he picked also a side note let's say the warrior mulligan every single card in his hand he probably didn't have a weapon in there.

So there's a high likelihood that he probably will not get the fiery war axe or the desk bite. You can kind of play a little more aggressive than if a warrior were to keep some of the cards in his hand knowing that he probably has the weapon off the bag. You should pay attention to the Mulligan in every game not just against the warrior. That's just the example I wanted to use with the weapon because of how much grim patron and control warrior.

We're seeing but another example would be lets say, you're going against a druid and he keeps two or three cards. You can probably expect a wild growth in there a darnassus aspirant or maybe even an innervate.

So just kind of keep in mind to what your opponent's keeping in their hand and that'll give you a good idea. What is going to be coming in the next couple turns even though. You don't know exactly what those cards are you kind of have the gist of it because they kept them that early on a bit.


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