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Last updated: December 22, 2019

The Hay Day is most popular Farming Game. This game developed by Supercell, Casual section APK. Hay Day game can be played on mobiles and tablets. It is played now 122 countries that is amazing. And reviews analysis 5 million five star reviews on Google Play store.

There are new neighbors in heyday living on the top of the cliff next to your farm rose and Ernest. Have a lot of spare time and helping you around your farm is just what they need to keep busy at level 33. And hire these two new characters are unlocked to help you with some basic productions and collect certain items allowing.


  • Developed by: Supercell
  • Version: 1_44_74
  • File Size: 99MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.0.3 and up

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Features of the Hay Day APK

The team is currently developing a really big feature that we really believe in and we're here to tell you a few things about that.

  • We think this is probably one of the biggest features ever since the Derby. What we're aiming for is cooperative non-competitive and definitely not stressful but those are all the details that.
  • This feature is so big the team has decided not to release any other updates until. It's ready which will probably be around the middle of the year until then we'll keep you posted. just like this one updating you on the progress of the feature and what the team is working on as often as possible.
  • In the meantime we'll be bringing you fun events like XP Week, Voucher Week, Diamond global events which will give you even more Diamonds and so much more.

Hay Day Tutorials

See this old shack across the road? Sure it’s run down, but add a coat of paint, and it’ll give you a new social Hay Day to experience with friends and family. To proceed, make sure you’re at level 18 or higher, and select the 'Neighborhood House' and for 2,500 coins, start repairing. In a few hours, you’ll be a step closer to being a neighbor to farmers around the world!

I’ll speed this up Upon it’s completion, the neighborhood house will allow you to create a ‘hood of your own, or join a pre-existing one. The search window yields a list of Hay Day recommended neighborhoods, suited to your level, or if you have friends in those neighborhoods, the chat language is the same as your game language or the members are from the same country.

Hay Day: The Bingo Derby

The Bingo Derby is coming to your farm. And extra Derby rewards play the bingo smart and your Neighborhood have a chance to win big participate by simply taking part in the Derby. When the bingo comes around to play enter. The Derby stand as you normally would see that new tab it. The bingo board looks a lot like the Derby tab, how it works these are Derby tasks.

That shows how many times that particular task needs to be done. So for in this case and how many have been completed. So go into the Derby task board to select the tasks that match those displayed in the bingo board tasks with the starred pins indicate.

That they are bingo tasks saving you time going back and forth between tabs working closely with your neighborhood comes in handy coordinate. Which Bingle line or lines you would like to complete together Bingle lines can be vertical horizontal or diagonal my neighborhood. And I agreed on a bingo strategy and we're ready to win some extra rewards.

Hay Day: Neighborhood Trading

Trading with your Neighbors just got a whole lot easier! Exchange goods within your neighborhood by requesting and donating, earning experience points along the way. After unlocking neighborhoods tap on the birdhouse to open the request board.

Here you can find all pending requests made by you and your neighbors. Each person in your neighborhood can make one request at a time, and can ask for a maximum of: 10 crops 5 products or 3 tools. I’ll make my first request for. Chocolate Cake! To fill one of my boat crates! Because Chocolate Cake is produced from other items. I can only request up to 5.

After making your request, it will also appear in your Neighborhood’s chat box, letting them know you need their help! Another free request will be available after 8 hours. You can make another request with diamonds. However, a new request will replace your previous one. Friend donations will wait on the neighborhood patio for you to pick up.

Your neighbors’ requests will appear in a different color than your requests, making them easier to differentiate. To help your neighbors simply check out which items they’re looking for! Donate up to 20 items per day. My neighbor Bridgette needs 10 carrots. I have 20 but will only give her 5 since I need some carrots, too! Tap donate as many times as the number of items you want to give.

Green ball needs 2 raspberry muffins! No problem, pal! The neighborhood request window comes with a second tab. Open it to see weekly item donation stats for each player in your Neighborhood. The more you trade, the more you’ll be awarded special weekly titles within your neighborhood.

Speaking of awards, the Neighborhood trading feature also introduces a new achievement The Generous Neighbor! Achieving these ribbonswill not give you XP, diamonds or decorations. But with every ribbon, your Neighborhood area will be beautified! Tap the question mark icon at the top left for helpful tips on how trading works. So go on farmer! Get tradin.

Hay Day: Town Tutorial

Now that you have your hand car unlocked at level 34. And it's ready to go make your way to town and see what exciting new things await this is your town. The produce from your farm will be used to serve visitors arriving by train. Who need to say grab a bite to eat first things first repair.

The train station to allow the train to pass through your town as a train arrives go to the store to purchase a service building. That is available like the grocery store Hey look a visitor tap on her and choose a place for her to visit there she goes to the grocery store tap on the visitor to see. What she would like to purchase from you and drag the items over to serve her notice.

The rewards you'll get from this visitor coins experience points and reputation points. Each building will have one slot available to begin with but as you progress in your town. You can upgrade the building by tapping the green arrow in order to serve more visitors at once or have the chance to get more coins reputation. And experience points or reduce the waiting time, when the visitors are done they'll wait outside the building for you to collect your rewards and a little special something.

You may be wondering what reputation points are think of it is how happy your visitors are after you have served them. These points are needed to be able to buy new buildings and unlock upgrades speaking of unlock upgrades. The Town Hall needs some fix in the Town Hall shows you how many visitors are currently in your town. And if you lose track of them, there she is as you increase your reputation level upgrading.

The Town Hall allows you to host more visitors to be in your town. While upgrading the train station allows more passengers to board the train look some new upgrade items. These are unique to your town area you're more likely to receive them as a reward from the visitors in your town.


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