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Last updated: November 23, 2019

Gulf Clash APK 2.36.0 new version it is a real-time multiplayer game. This Game developed by Playdemic, Sports category game. It is for Android it is found on the App market and actually kind of rather be a lot of the 8 ball pool game has a lot of the same ways that.

It pairs you up with opponents and it just really feels similar not too much of a complicated game a great game with great replay value. Gulf Clash Game of the Year on 2018 Smart-phone Game Awards. Facebooking time you can challenge your Facebook friends.


  • Developed by: Playdemic
  • Version: 2.36.0
  • File Size: 84MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.4 and up

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Features of the Golf Clash APK

Gulf Clash it's real time game, so don't worry you can compete in tournaments. Shoot system Revolutionary and easy to learn but difficult to master. Gulf Clash waiting Thousands of live player challenged for you. And you can promotion in weekly leagues and Club card bonuses. Any time upgrade to premium clubs and balls.

Golf Clash Play Tips

  • Topspin for a Chip-in: I know that rhymes it wasn't intentional or a pun or anything but the first thing you'll see is I put full topspin on here. Which as you can see here makes the ball go well past the hole. But anyway let's this clip play look how big that target is now as. I pull it in notice how much smaller it's getting that's increasing my accuracy.
  • So the topspin allowed us as you could see it still goes past the hole. I have to take a little bit of topspin out a little bit later but the topspin made it. So not only are we in the air a lot less than we would have been if we would have left it up front or if we would have put backspin on it then.
  • The target would be somewhere up here and it would be a lot larger let me show you real quick see how large the target gets. And how small it gets just by moving that little bit look at that look at the size of that target there so by doing that you make it a lot more manageable of a shot here I actually hit a great shot and not a perfect shot and I'm still able to sink it in for the Eagle during the tournament.
  • Cover Accuracy: If your club is not very accurate like the extra mile that. You see here you're gonna have a bigger target now what a lot of people don't know is with a bigger target. You all we'll get a bigger bullseye However if you hit the perfect shot no matter.
  • So a lot of people were thinking well if. I have a bigger bullseye as opposed to if this was let's say the quarterback then the target the white part of the target might be around. The green part of the clear part what the accuracy does is it makes a club way more forgiving. Because if you get yourself a good shot you're gonna be in the orange here and because the bullseye spatter. That means it's going to be that much further away from a perfect shot and then if you get a good shot. So on and so forth so that's really.
  • It's just about forgiveness for not hitting the perfect shot. If you could hit the perfect shot all day long then you're fine using any club you want accuracy won't be important to you. But if you want to hit a great shot and not have to worry about going off into the rough. You know still getting really close to the hole this is how accuracy actually is I didn't even realize this my buddy. Rayner actually pointed this out to me one day so that's tip number two is accuracy.

Golf Clash Reviews

It's multi functionality, it's very good for par 3s bar, 4s bar, 5s and also you know hail headwind tailwind really just has a lot of good uses to. It you'll see statistically especially for expert and master tournaments lots of players will use balls with wind five capabilities. So let's just take a look at the stats real quick you'll see win five sides been to power one. It's going to pretty much resemble a couple couple different balls that we've already had but here you'll see a complete replica.

It's a post it has all the needle speeds you'll see it here right under case two. It's going to be moving very very fast there's very few things that move faster than it. So you will see that it actually moves at quite a faster rate. However everything else about the ball makes it easier to get the wind down for example with the decreased effect 55% you'll see winds like 17 miles per hour reduced to say 9 miles per hour.


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