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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Android Game lovers have a good news for New action Game on 2019. FRAG Pro Shooter APK new version 1.5.1 this is a action category game. It is developed by Oh BiBi, its DESIGNED for mobile devices. All time FRAG is perfect FPS experience for your Android device.

Each character of the game has their strengths and weaknesses, try them all game player are best for you. FRAG Pro Shooter game every mission have amazing rewards. FRAG Pro installing time only need Wi-Fi connection Permissions.

If running around for 20 minutes only to get head shotted by someone. You did not even see is not your thing FRAG has you covered. Small battlefields provide intense environments for short but epic battles with no place to hide players. And FRAG have no choice but to earn the victories and that is actually a pretty novel concept in a battle royale genre in.

Which victories are all too often tied with luck or over-reliance on superior players in your squad each. Unique battlefield and FRAG puts you in the heart of the action the reminiscent of the capture point maps in over watch exposed players. Are forced to push head-on into the battle or utilize characters with shield or jetpack abilities to strategically position. The team across the map there is no locking into victory and FRAG which we think is a good thing.


  • Developed by: Oh BiBi
  • Version: 1.5.1
  • File Size: 95.6MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.3 and up

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Features of the FRAG Pro Shooter Apk:

No wait response system in Frag you may be down but you're never out. While apex legends made noise for the inclusion of re spawning knocked out characters. FRAG takes it one step further virtually eliminating. The element of well elimination not only does it mean that virtually every moment in this App. Is spent in battle it forces players to be more aggressive creating a true player versus player environment.

Frag Designed and Optimized

Specifically for your phone for most FPS games Mobile is an afterthought. Frags one of the few games that was designed with mobile in mind well at first the movements feel a little sluggish. The game quickly picks up and the speed works to the advantage of the simplified shooting system. Rather than crowd the screen with buttons to try to match a console or PC experience.

FRAG wisely opted for a less complicated approach for example when a player aims at the target the game shoots for them. But if that doesn't sound like your style and you prefer more control over your weapon. You can simply DoubleTap to fire this allows for a clean screen with minimal distractions from. The action you'll find that FRAGS virtual joystick and special ability button are all you need to partake in the action. And since you can change characters on-the-fly the variety of special weapons keeps the battle super interesting.

Matches are Short and Sweet

The game is designed entirely around short action-packed battles. while many online shooters end with elimination or force you to wait an eternity for a new match after dying. A kill and FRAG triggers an auto responders another character on your team. This allows you to stay in the action until the battle is concluded.

The relatively short runtime of matches makes for perfect pick up and go mobile gaming. You can easily fit a game in between classes or at lunch a single game isn't a huge time commitment. And you'll quickly develop strategy based on the outcome of multiple games in a row. The bottom line is faster matches without true elimination means less waiting for revives. And more time playing which speaking of revives.


The community with over 1.5 million beta players, there's tons of challengers from every corner of the globe waiting for you in FRAG. A big reason the FRAG community is already so massive is, because it's more than just an online shooter. It's a social experience a sense of community is woven into the fabric of the game. It's as much a place to meet up with your friends and fans as it is an actual battle ground. In FRAG you're more than just a random one-off opponent.

You can link your YouTube channel customise your bio join a club and rack up wins to build a huge following. Soon winning is more than just about winning a match. It's about growing your fan base and now since we did just go on about. How important the community is to FRAG this next segment might seem a bit weird but hear us out.

No Teammates

Even though FRAG has an amazing vibrant community. Where you're sure to meet new friends, you won't find any of them in the heat of battle unlike other online shooters. FRAG isn't about making friends there's no squads or duo's, it's just you and your strategically selected team of characters.

If you've ever lost a match because of your lousy teammates. You'll appreciate FRAGS emphasis on going it alone playing solo. You can switch characters at will and adjust strategy on-the-fly no yelling at inexperienced teammates required. The lack of teammates and ability to control multiple characters adds a manage you'll aspect. You won't find in other online FPS games it's something that feels truly unique to FRAG.

Creating your own team

Why settle for leveling up one character when you can build a whole team. In Frag each match requires your full attention to all aspects of the battle. You can't sleep on offense or defense hoping someone else picks up the slacks. Because well there isn't anyone else what you can do is build a team from a roster of over 40 unique characters more on those guys later.

If you're a defensive minded fighter you can build a team of characters whose unique abilities will bolster your defense. If you're an aggressive kind of player you can totally stack your character deck with offensive firepower or in dr. frost case ice power overall. The team creation element means you can't win and FRAG on shooting skill alone it requires equal parts strategy and skill and of course to build your team. You'll need to get to know and unlock a variety of characters which brings us to the next feature on our list.

40 Neat Characters

For a mobile only game FRAG offers a robust roster of playable characters each complete with their own. Upgradeable abilities much like over watch, the characters have their own unique personality background. And special abilities plus there's no shortage of wild characters to choose from pirates flaming skulls.

Football players mad doctors some sort of robot Medusa hybrid thing. There's something for everyone and more importantly than the aesthetics each character boasts. A special ability and can be upgraded individually the special abilities true to the overall fast-paced nature of the game.

Quickly recharge and could be used frequently throughout the battle. How well you're able to hone these abilities will influence how you build the best team possible now. While this may sound like a lot to control in a mobile game, the ability and shooting mechanics works surprisingly well in the beta which brings us to.

New Added

  • Nautica, a tirelss sea explorer who can call her pet orca, Leviathan, to crush her opponents
  • Soldatron, a life-sized toy soldier who shoots his head like a mortar to bombard the whole arena

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