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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Firefox launched the focus web browser on Android earlier. Which is focused on ad blocking and browsing internet in an anonymously, you can visit websites and browsing the rate of the internet without your IP being tracked. Now, this privacy focused web browser has made its be for Android with a few added features. Firefox Focus APK latest version 9.0, you can download this. History in this browser will be easily deleted no need o passwords, no cookies, no trackers.


  • Developed by: Mozilla
  • Version: 9.0
  • File Size: 51.2MB
  • Requires for Android: 5.0 and up

Download Firefox Focus APK

How to use the App

The browser is primarily focused in security and privacy and not in features. The sad part is following the Muto they have even left out the tab the browsing feature it almost makes this browser unusable for multitasking but the simplicity and ability to load. The app faster and open link button is what this browser is for the home screen of the app does not have anything other than regard to put in the URL.

This UI itself is very simple with only coloring different shades of pink and purple this browser is Mozilla as answer for consumers. Desire to greater internet privacy with ad blocking built-in at the tool the app blocks asked by default. Which offers a seamless experience it runs smoothly and is easy to use the app settings include only a few options to weak. You can change the app language this app also supports some major in 10 languages, The default search engine is set to jump but yes you can change it to Google.

You can even block the add trackers by turning on the option from the settings, you can also block analytic trackers social content crackers. And other content trackers there is a stealth mode which can be turned off to take screenshots and also see the recently visited website. And finally you have the option to make this browser your default browser the ability of the browser to block ads it's phenomenal it shows.

Firefox Focus Review

This specific edition so this one focusing on automatic pride browsing your race repeat. This is how it looks the first time you start it up so if we is trying to go to a website real fast let's go to Google, you can see that it loads up pretty fast. You can see one of the key difference here is the UI change up here at the top how it has the same sort of theme in terms of colors.

As the notification area so that can be a nice little addition and the other thing, you can see is it does have a button here. Where you can erase things very very fast so that it that seems to be the core differences over here. Remember it so many people use the incoming Edo privacy feature in some browsers but if you just want to have privacy all the time this might be a better way to go.

That is also a nice feature if go into settings pretty quick if you see the attractor is blocked over here which kind of reminds me about the brain browser. Can also add to home screen if tap on settings because it has this darker theme, fonts hide web pages when switching apps block add trackers all of these are default block social trackers or you are all complete is also nice.


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New Added

  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

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