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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Do you use an Android phone well, Firefox is about to rock your world wide web all the good stuff. You love about Firefox on your desktop is now available when you are on the go now you have an alternative to your phone is basic browser. That is faster, smarter and safer with helpful features. Firefox APK new version now 68.3.0, that make typing and navigating quick and easy.

So, you can get where you are going at warp speed Firefox is made by people who put principles ahead of profits. Believe your data belongs to you so provide tools that let you protect your personal information rather than collect and sell it. The way others do now you are free to go wherever you want secure and the knowledge that. Firefox is there by your side are you ready to take your phone to a better place then download Firefox for Android.


  • Developed by: Mozilla
  • Version: 68.3.0
  • File Size: 55.7MB
  • Requires for Android: Varies with device

Download Firefox Browser APK

How to use the App

Mozilla's excited to bring to our users an updated version of Firefox for Android. That's faster smarter and safer than ever before here's that Firefox for Android starts up lightning-fast we've been working hard to improve performance like startup and page load time. This is your personalized start page that features thumbnail images of your most frequently visited sites and tabs from your last browsing session.


That typing URL on a phone can be difficult so we made improvements to the awesome screen to make search using your past history and bookmarks even easier for Firefox desktop users. You can even sync your desktop history bookmarks passwords and open tabs to your android phone. This latest version of Firefox for Android also supports Flash content.

Search Engines

Searching with the web browsers a really useful feature in order to make it much easier on Firefox, have multiple search engines installed for you. To use and you can see this when you go to the awesome screen and you start typing in a search. That you may not have history for in addition to the search suggestions near the bottom. You'll see a list of search engines that you can quickly do searches to various engines. That aren't the default you can manage that list by going into settings customize search. Now you see a list of all of these search engines installed into Firefox currently.

Quick Share

One of the features of Firefox on Android that makes it pretty useful is the ability to quickly share content with other applications. One way to do this is from the main menu you can see some quick share buttons here for applications that. Frequently share with or can always tap on the share button which gives all of the applications. You can share with that works not only from the main menu but can also long tap on links in web content and be able to get the same quick share. As well as shared all different types of applications quickly on the context menu. You'll find that this makes it a lot easier for you to share content without having to click a lot of buttons and do a lot of extra steps.

Private Browsing

You're going to do something that you don't necessarily want to stay in your browsing history. And create a new private tab go to browsing activity that. Want staying in your history you can do all the browsing want searching around on these websites. And then when done, can switch back to regular browsing session any private browsing session. when you close that private tab it ends the session and you can see over in the history that none of that browsing.

Add Ons

Firefox for Android supports add-ons that let you add new things to your homepage. So if you go to the add-on marketplace you can search going to search for the home feeds add-on and is this new add-on that. Just released with Firefox 30 and can add this to Firefox it'll ask to install it. You'll install it then if visit one of favorite blogs see this RSS icon in the toolbar and can tap that and subscribe with Firefox homepage. And then now this is added to my home page so can see my favorite blog right in my Firefox for Android home page.

Firefox Browser Review

You discover interesting content on your favorite blog. And size of fonts you find to be the most legible and this is your favorite. You can adjust the background to light or dark depending upon where you are we also have Firefox Sync which allows you to sync over your history bookmarks and passwords. So you can have a seamless experience from your desktop to your Android mobile device.

Start shopping for that perfect gift on your desktop and then finish on your Android. While on the train ride home lots of people like to share sites articles and information with their friends and family. Right? from their mobile phone or tablet so, if we made sharing as easy as possible using quick share Firefox. Remembers your favorite method of sharing whether, it be via email or social network.

So you can share faster if you have another friend with an NFC enabled device. made it even easier to share all you have to do is place the back of your phone to the back of your friends device. And the sharing is done with Firefox have hundreds of add-ons from community of devoted developers.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Device & app history
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Location

New Added

  • Bug fixes

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