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Last updated: December 26, 2019

Facebook Lite is a Facebook mini for Android. That is designed specifically for phones with very low connections old sort of internals like RAM, CPU and storage. It is designed for data connections where you want to use as little data as possible to save money. So you can use that, when you are on the news feed and you are scrolling through the service.

Facebook Lite APK is short name, short name called fbi lite it Scrolls relatively quickly and things appear quickly but the reason they do that is. They are loading in relatively low resolution. And Facebook will only load a photo or anything else in higher resolution if you actually tap through.


  • Developed by: Facebook
  • Version:
  • File Size: 1.3MB
  • Requires for Android: Varies with device

Download Fbi Lite (Facebook Lite) APK

Facebook vs Facebook Lite

Facebook has two different cell phone apps, while most of us use a normal Facebook it has striped down to engulf Facebook Lite.


It's designed for less fortune not everybody is lucky enough to have the latest cell phone some of us how dinosaur or that's old slow or cheap that's where Facebook Lite comes into play the app is specially designed for devices that are outdated or that don't have sufficient technology or that don't have enough storage space talking about a second

Size of file

The first big difference has to do with the size of the apps, while the Facebook takes up about 6 MB the lite version only takes 2 MB that's a significant difference in space. If you don't how much storage capacity incredible right something similar happens with a battery true on a smaller scale. While the normal Facebook app can be a battery hog the Lite version fires 2/3 less power its small difference but can be significant in the long run simplified design another big difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite has to do with the design it's almost identical to the normal apps almost a closer look reveals small differences.


Then text and icons are smaller the animations are less smooth the graphics are simpler and the general presentation. Is less impressive light removes all the apps access details, it's like a video game that go from high resolution to low resolution talking about data consumption Lite was created to help parts of the world with less data advanced technology.


Basically this has to do with the internet connection data is barely consumed for the Lite app since programmers has considered this app would be used in areas with 2g connections that's nothing facebook Messenger included Facebook pulled out another thing. We can talk about is the Facebook messenger included Facebook pulled out all the stops to get people to download messenger despite that massive effort.

Lite doesn't require messenger to be installed separately that means, you can use it from the Lite apps also you can't use the current emojis but you can always create a retro version with the punctuation marks and letters so you.

Facebook Lite Review

So if you find a photo and then you tap through it will eventually load in high resolution it looks quite nice. But it won't do that until you actually tap through as to save your data plan and you can look through notifications and a lot of the core experiences of Facebook. Are here everything from notifications messages requests the profile news feed. Events photos groups but there won't be some of the more data.

Intensive features of Facebook so you won't be able to watch videos or you know use location services. Nearby friends but basically Facebook Lite can do everything that you would really need to do. To get a recent Facebook experience and connect with your friends but it's not gonna burn your data plan and it's not gonna overload your phone. And it's gonna work even if you've got a really old phone and this is going to be great for people in the developing world.

Where network connections aren't as strong but it's also could even help people in the first world. If you're on vacation and you're trying to save data while you're using your phone or you know for some reason. Your phone is filled with photos and you don't want it to download another big app Facebook Lite. Could help you out really it's designed to help get the next million people on planet on to the Internet.

If Facebook Lite is a hit it could help Facebook on board millions or even billions more people from the developing world. Who don't have the phones to run it's normal iOS and Android apps considering. It's already reached market penetration in many of its key countries this is going to be the big way that Facebook grows in the future.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Device & app history
  • Identity
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Microphone
  • Device ID & call information
  • SMS
  • Phone

New Added

  • Improvements for reliability and speed.

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