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Last updated: December 22, 2019

es explorer APK new version 1.2 is the world is top Android file manager with over 350 million users from different countries. All over the globe you can use ES to manage your smartphone PC or server and even to access your files in the cloud es lets you access. The files you need where and when you need them work with Supports Cloud Storage like Google Drive, Sugarsync, Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon S3, Yandex and more clouds storage.


  • Developed by: SteinSoft
  • Version: 1.2
  • File Size: 3MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.2 and up

Download es explorer & file manager APK

How to use the App

ES do you need a file stored on your PC ES can help you easily open the file remotely through FTP. You can also upload files to your cloud service of choice want to see, what's inside your zip files. Don't worry lets you preview your compressed files in one click you can also use ES files disk. Analysis function to see how much space your files take up on your phone and completely remove junk files live with es. Is a full entertainment management system after you start up your chromecast player.

You can use es explorer to connect your smartphone to your home TV easily. When you want to listen to music you can use it to easily make a playlist on your smart phone. The internet and on the cloud if you want to prevent your children from viewing something. Can use the file encryption function on ES to lock individual files and just one click share with ES. The powerful land send function on this apps you can share your photos files and games with your plans easily with es. You're in control of your world anything is possible you.

Change the Theme

When you're bring up the application you'll see this screen, you have the tool bar down at the bottom and if it's not there use the pinch option to get rid of or bring back. The tool bar and then just slide from left to right and that will bring us to the fast access menu down at the bottom middle. You have theme go ahead and select theme and I'll have the default theme checked go ahead and check classic.

If this is your first time using this application it'll go ahead and download the classic theme and then just go and select it. It'll bring up all the editing options for your theme, you can set a different background color, can add a background image can set a different color for text and a folder style for this edit. Going to change the background color, so I'm gonna go and choose that and then just touch around the circle. Whatever, color you want and then go ahead and hit save.

Manage our folders and files

You can create new folders if we'd like just hit the plus button down at the bottom left corner. Can also delete folders and files, can hide them or can have add them to favorites for quick access just hit the new button to add a new folder. And for this example going to add a folder called extras and that new folder will appear. Now in extras gonna put the folders that just to clean this up, so if it builds up more can get to most commonly used folders.

A little quicker someone move navigator to it if press and hold that it will place a checkmark on it but it'll also allow. To put a check next to the other files that want to move now can touch and hold these three and drag to extras and then hit OK.

Folders Hide

Don't want to see the extras folder at all, just go ahead and touch and hold up that will select it and then hit the more option. Down at the bottom right corner and it gives you an option to hide at the top. Then you cannot see it if you want to restore it ever just go back to our fast access menu.

And you can go all the way down towards the bottom where it shows hide list and it will show. What you have in our hide list which is your extras folder gonna go ahead and restore that, so that I can see it again in my SD card.

Transfer File with your friends

Your friends that are connected to your same Wi-Fi network, you want to do is find the file that you want to send to them. So for this example go to your pictures and gonna scroll down and find the file that. You want to send and while you that you can change the view of your files as well.

When you open up a folder if you select the view option. It does give you an option to change the size of the icons, you can also put it in list mode and you can also sort it by these orders. So if I wanted to put it in small list mode this is what it'll look like so go ahead and play around with that and find the view that.

es explorer Review

This application can do so much more with those files such as sharing files with other ES File Explorer users. So if you have a friend over you guys can actually transfer music, pictures and videos. Whatever, you want between the devices with ease using this application. It's also an application manager if you want to uninstall a bunch of applications that, you have on your phone without this application.

You have to go through those one at a time well this app allows you to uninstall bunch at once and you can also backup those applications to your SD card. Through the application itself you can also manage files that are on your home computer from this application as well.

There's no additional software to install on your home computer and it works both ways. You can manage your phone's files from your computer as well without having to get additional software on your computer and it's completely customizable with different themes and colors. Can manage files on your network storage as well such as Dropbox school to Google Drive, SkyDrive and much more.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Device & app history
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Location
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Device ID & call information

New Added

  • Fix existing bugs
  • UI optimization

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