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Last updated: December 22, 2019

DuckDuckGo was a search engine that prides itself on not collecting or sharing personal information. And aims to provide unofficial results to avoid filter bubbles it was founded in 2008 and a lot of DuckDuckGo Apk new version 5.39.0 it is download or install for free. Its work is based on the internet community providing improvements translations and suggestions. They use a combination of their own search algorithms and other search engines to deliver results. Instant answers which are embedded fast answers to search results like weather, songs, recipes and calculator it. Supports different themes to customize the search engine to your liking and it featured so-called.


  • Developed by: DuckDuckGo
  • Version: 5.39.0
  • File Size: 9MB
  • Requires for Android: 5.0 and up

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How to use this Apps

DuckDuckGo has always provided in their app now though when you click through to a site within the app up next to the URL bar. Is listed a letter grade that gives you a quick glance at the security grade that they've given to a particular site. So you can click that letter actually and that's gonna show a relatively comprehensive rundown of how the site scored. How it got that letter grade and what went into it from the ground up if go to archive official site for example within DuckDuckGo shown the site has a B letter rating diving in.

You can see the connection is encrypted that's great it actually has zero trackers built into the site. Which is awesome that's what we hope for anyways if there were any trackers on this site the new DuckDuckGo app will automatically block those for you too. So it's doing a lot of the hard work without you needing to lift a finger finally it docks archive a grade here. So it's not getting an A it's getting a B due to unknown privacy practices.

This is actually pulled from TOS dr org or Terms of Service didn't read and that service actually tracks the history and stated privacy practices of sites. If a site is known to have stated its practices in the past this would get a pass. Let's say finally once done with my browsing can just tap that fire button up top and this is pretty satisfying. You see that little animation that allows to clear all of your browsing data and start over none of its stored on the device. And with that all traces are gone DuckDuckGo has created a really nice-looking and minimal. Where it needs to be private browsing app and best of all it's free.

DuckDuckGo Review

The mainstream and most people seem to understand the power of their data and the potential for its abuse. If they don't protect themselves the privacy focused search engine called DuckDuckGo has long been a pioneer. And offering a completely anonymous and untracked web search experience and the company just updated their apps. And extensions for pretty much all platforms that they'd expanded on their feature.

Set inside of these apps in ways that will further protect you from all the bad stuff. So let's take a look at the updated Android app to see what's on offer the app. Itself is super straightforward it's about as simple as it gets actually it's protected it's a safe browsing environment as you see here there's. You just enter the name or the URL that you want to search in the search field and then you hit go and that's.


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  • Bug fixes and other improvements.

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