Driving School 2017 New Version 3.5 APK Download

Last updated: December 22, 2019

Driving School 2017 APK is 3.5 the new version. This video game available Android and iOS Platforms, it is developed by Ovidiu Pop. Interesting features for Gamer can you drive many different cars and amazing environments like cities, deserts, mountains, highways, country roads etc. Driving Cars controlling for using virtual steering or have many options. There are multiplayer modes for playing with your friends and free ride.


  • Developed by: Ovidiu Pop
  • Version: 3.5
  • File Size: 27MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

Download Driving School 2017 APK


You can unlock the total of 100 cars in the game, and you can get clear 15 maps details. During driving you will feel smooth and realistic handling. Car, Bus and Truck can be licensed, it's fun for those who love to compete, because you're getting 80 challenging levels. You can play this game to Free Ride mode, like Racing, Free Ride & Catch the Flag it's for Multiplayer.

More detail about the game's interior. This game have a Gas System with refilling at gas stations. There will be more manual transmission with clutch. You will get welding steering, button and touch steering to drive. However, you can do online leaderboards while playing the game. The sound you can hear while driving is like a real engine. You can play with your gamepad, controller support

Driving School 2017 Review

This game they can actually just make a room and the biggest change inside, the game is actually in the garage you can finally modify cards unlike 2016 and there are almost 100 plus cards in this game and all of them are really cool. However, buses and trucks are missing in this version just hit the modify button on any car.

You can actually tint the windows you can have a personalized license plate or you can just pimp the allows. They cost a little but they look pretty cool and you can also tune the color. We'll just change the color to red wine it actually gives it a prawn lighting at the side it looks pretty cool.

You can see that blue strip going around we will take a look at career mode later, we're just going to add free to show. How the game works and how the car drives, so this click OK and the Semoran your turn of new maps and location unlike 6 plus. This a lot of piece this kind of choose any of them, we will just go with Los Angele.

You can change from miles and kilometers, you can change from manual to automatic transmission and also like get that clutch thing. So you'll have a clutch and all the gear up shifting thing is pretty cool.


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New Added

  • major update version 3.2
  • Challenge mode available!
  • New 2019 Cars available!
  • Special Package offers!
  • Bug Fixing!

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