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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Dragon City APK new version 9.9 in the best list of Simulation Game. This game developed by Social Point. The hottest battle game create a Dragon City on floating islands with farms, habitats, buildings. It is Fire, Nature, War, Legend, and lots of other elements to hatch rare hybrids.

Need Grow your city? Do not worry have 500 Dragon for easily help your Grow city. The game permission need only Storage, Wi-Fi connect info and media file. Social Point share the best game on year, it is totally free download for your android phone.


  • Developed by: Social Point
  • Version: 9.9
  • File Size: 102MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

Download Dragon City APK

Features of the Dragon City APK

It was the very first dragon element to exist exactly. And over the years they developed into pure and legend elements but the other part of their essence stayed inside. The primal dragons at Dragon vs Gaia we must find a way to bring them here. I need to see them pure legend and primal elements imagine. How they would interact the summon primal dragons masters must join their power together there might be a way. The Tree of Life connects all of the multiverse, so dragon masters can connect through its roots join me Davos for the primary scene.

Find Your Perfect Alliance

  • So we have added improvements to help you find the perfect match the new alliance activity indicator is here.

  • You will now be able to see how active an alliance is a batch for newly formed alliances. Welcome on board sea alliance members contributions see how well your alliance members are doing for chests. And Alliance race contributions the new global ranking for alliance chess. Contributions make sure you check all rankings to see which alliances are dominating in different areas of the game.

  • You can also find the perfect alliance for you via the in-game. Search tool check your social channels to see if fellow players are recruiting. And to say you're looking and lastly check the Alliance profile details as. You want to join such as how many master points you need to become a members. They have the total master points trophies and the team motto, so that's all for now my dragon masters pick an alliance today and enjoy.

Master the Island

  • Always check your missions this is, so you know what to do next but also. You are aware of which actions are actually gonna give you puzzle moves.

  • Create boosters always try to match more than fruit of the same color at the same time. And if you do five you can create a star and the star. I told you before it's really powerful if you match a star with any fruit.

  • You'll collect all the fruit of the same color on the board third always check the rewards some of the rewards have a time limit. So you have to go fast. We are really hope you enjoyed this island to remember keep riding your dragons latest.

Fruit Puzzle Island

  • I'm here to tell you about a great feature, We have for you right now it's called the fruit puzzle island. So this is basically a puzzle island and the goal is very simple. You'll have a board in front of you and the board is gonna be full of fruit of different colors you have to match it in rows or three or more of the same color to do. That you need to swap it up down or to the sides once you collect enough you can allow.

  • The reward every time you swap fruit. You will consume one puzzle move you need to get this puzzle moves for you to play and this is very simple. You'll have missions to complete and this can be any type of missions like collecting gold food hatching or reading dragons and even battling. This is the best part there is no limit to how many puzzle moves you can get during the event this is really amazing. This is the first time you are able to do that but wait there's more you need to know when you match more than three fruit of the same color at the same time. You'll create a booster and these boosters have very special effects they can collect a whole column or maybe a whole row of fruit. There's even a very special one which is the star.

  • I'm gonna tell you more about that one later, so we all play for fun but we also want more dragons and this island has six new dragons for you and now that. I think about it one of them is very special and it could become my favorite. it's called the durian dragon and it's a legendary but it's a very special legendary. It's a mythical one it means that it's more powerful than any other legendary.


  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information

New Added

  • Exclusive new VIP Titan Dragon Collection
  • 100% Protection against the first attack!
  • Food production
  • New Rank Quests that boost ranking-up speed!
  • There are also quicker loading speeds for the beginner's tutorial.

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