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Last updated: December 22, 2019

This Emulator is for GameCube and Wi games it has many controller with many extensions such as we none hook classic etc. Dolphin Emulator APK 5.0-11333 new version. It also supports real controller for a better gaming experience.Required at least 2GB of RAM and a good 64-bit processor it works with Android 5.0 or higher it supports OpenGL. And API we can increase emulation speed by override CPU clock speed, we can play many games like Resident Evil 4 etc.


  • Developed by: Dolphin Emulator
  • Version: 5.0-11333
  • File Size: 13.9MB
  • Requires for Android: 5.0 and up

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Dolphin Emulator Review

If your phone supports it just always go over nice and it runs faster in general. Yes, should I just keep this one on synchronous compile shader before starting keep this one on and keep back in not threading on enhancement. You're gonna get the fasted State of course you ain't goes like just 1x a solution. So for some games I have like two times anti-aliasing on to make the game looks a bit smooth but if you game that if the device cannot handle it.

Just keep it off but generally it doesn't really affect the performance that much scale TSP copy on these two are stable of pretty much follow the settings on. And attacks keep these three on cut this one off on low clip this one on the immediate represents xft pretty much means sort of skips frames if skips loading like it shows that the frame before all the assets to load it in syringe like normally in the regular game you have to wait for all the assets to be load it in for the frame to show up.

But, this one just skips loading in all the assets sometimes you get a little pop in here and there and it feels a frame skipping in a way this will improve performance. A lot your game will look a bit like jumpy in the frame skips and stuff popping in. Well, it will improve performance turn the power 60 off so if you have a play game they run at 50 FPS instead of 60.

So, you have a higher chance of hitting the maximum speed of 50 FPS instead of 60 it'll be slightly that's texting for your device. How the game runs like the lower it is this move that you can run. But, sometimes you get too slow and the game will just drop in frame so you try to get like in again in between getting like a perfect in between. So, you got to test out for all the games you try performance we should be getting like fools be I mean since dolphin is on Android. So you're bound to run into some glitches and no but and I think it's pretty rough most of the time.


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