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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Dolphin Browser APK 12.1.5 new version is a clean fast and useful browser taking a look at the main interface. Have our home screen with shortcuts to a bunch of common websites like eBay, Amazon, reddit and Facebook etc. Then includes an app that gives you absence to download from the Play Store it also has a built-in store for add-ons. Which is where really shines you have a bunch of add-ons to choose from and they are all aimed at enhancing the overall browsing experience.


  • Developed by: Dolphin Browser
  • Version: 12.1.5
  • File Size: 19.8MB
  • Requires for Android: Varies with device

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Dolphin App Review

They have add-ons like a flash video player and add-on for autofill and add-on for controlling. The brightness of a specific webpage an advanced screen capture tool and a bunch more another major feature in this app. Their sonar in Chester settings for jesters you simply sign a letter you draw to open. Whatever, website you choose but the thing is that to me it's not really efficient long-pressing the dolphin button swiping up the gesture control.

Then doing the gesture it just seems a lot more complicating than just typing the URL into the address bar especially when you likely won't have to type. The whole thing out and probably get a suggestion for it sonar is a little bit different. However, sonar is basically using voice commands to access a certain site and you activate. It by shaking the phone and while this might be a bit of a battery hog people.

Who are on the move and just need to quickly look something up, this being pretty useful for them Dolphin also has theming options. So you can either make one using an image on your phone or choose one from the hundreds. They have on their theme store but with that and a bunch of other little handy features. Dolphin is a pretty great browser and I wouldn't say it's necessarily missing anything that.

How to use this App

The home screen and basically it's just your speed dial. Which has all your favorite bookmarks on it like you could add any of your bookmarks onto the speed dial. And then like all you do is just click the icon and you're brought to the website. When you scroll left you are taken to all your bookmarks it's really convenient. It's fast it is way better than the stock browser.

You swipe left and conveniently all your bookmarks are here from your latest bookmarks all. The way to your last bookmarks and then what else you have is your history, where you can see all the history you have like the five most recent websites. You've been to yesterday's history last 7 days history most visited last month's history and all that stuff a cool thing.

Is that you get to sync your bookmarks, to the cloud or to your Gmail. That you could sync it across any device you have, that's a really great and the stock browser or any other browser. Doesn't have as good as a feature like that and you swipe right and all your add-ons are. So the add-ons you like have like automatically are full screen a theme Wi-Fi broadcast and desktop mode. The app would you know be faster and loading times and stuff and Evernote share is to save articles and just to save.


  • Device & app history
  • Identity
  • Contacts
  • Photos/Media/Files
  • Storage
  • Wi-Fi connection information
  • Location
  • Microphone

New Added

  • Fixed bug and improved Dolphin Broswer more stable

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