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Last updated: December 22, 2019

The different trucks that you can unlock in the game Clean Road. In this game you have to avoid some obstacles, because people have to help them get out of their house. Clean Road APK 1.5.7 new version developed by SayGames. This game can be played by the user of the Android, so you can download it is totally free game.


  • Developed by: SayGames
  • Version: 1.5.7
  • File Size: 41MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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Clean Road Review

Clean Road by sway games, so this game is on the App Store for free it's pretty simple if you like cars this is a simple fun game. While you need is one finger to play just going to people's driveway make sure they're not gonna crash and send with objects. If the game is fairly simple just go do it I give this a 4 out of 5 but seeing that it's a new game. You fairly quickly reached over 50 playing the game for about two days now I feel that this game would be good for little kids in the back of the car. I figure out work this would be a good game to play on your break it's nothing fancy with the graphics but it's much better than a Gameboy.

Clean Road Game Play

In this game they take a bunch of different parts that they have designed for this game. And then stick them all together, so when you select any of these they kind of put the trucks together each one of those pieces is random and it decides. What kind of truck you're gonna make so let's go over a few things just so we can get an idea of just how many different options for truck are in this game. And the fact that you will never ever have all the trucks in this game. So to start off we're going to talk about truck body type this is the long tough truck body type the pink one. There is it more of this short truck body type.

Short truck body types there's the one with the square headlights and there's the one with the circle headlights here. And then besides that there is another type of truck there, we go it does not have any headlights at all it's more of this kind of small one this one. Does have headlights on it but that's just because it's an add-on real talk this one does not have any headlights at all four different types of truck body and each of those types of truck body. Also have six different colors, so let's go through the colors really quick here we have red, pink, yellow, green, blue and purple and these colors kind of make up all the other stuff that.

You can play in this game and we'll go over that in so for the top of the car. We have these different types of like police lights that's a blue and red. A blue and blue there's also a blue and yellow not only that but we have a yellow and red and a white and red type of top light. Sometimes, you have trucks that have those four little extra lights at the front of them.You these would all do these ones don't have those four lights.


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