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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Clash Royale APK 2.8.6 new version released in 2012 developed by Supercell. Let take a look so hopping right in the battle each player is going to have to crown towers as well as a king the objective. Is to take more crowns in your opponent by destroying their towers but if you take out your opponent is King you instantly win. So let go ahead and try to take out our opponents first crown Tower by starting off with deploying our knight.


  • Developed by: Supercell
  • Version: 2.8.6
  • File Size: 94.8MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.0.3 and up

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Clash Royale Gameplay Tips

  • Tornado behind your opponent's king tower to successfully. Move all three musketeers in the same Lane giving you a very juicy fireball or poison, so go NATO that immediately got a fireball all three Anna cracker and he dong-gook. Comes in handy when the king tower is already activated, you can use Tornado to mitigate all damage from abandon.
  • For graveyard when you're facing against a Valkyrie deck. You always want to place your graveyard one more tile inward towards your opponent's tower. And what that does it allows more skeletons to spawn away from the Valkyrie giving you more surface area and allowing. You to get more damage on your opponent's tower this placement will be illustrated in the second clip and the normal placement will be in the first clip.
  • Against battery man minion horde, when you're down elixir you don't have enough elixir to efficiently deal with a battery man. Minion horde a lot of times it's best to allow the battery room to connect to your tower or a building. So then you can fire up all the barbarians as they spawn from the battle room and the minion horde. Together really want to cyclone maaske so want to go psycho cannon also the cannons health deteriorates.
  • Over time so it's likely the most accurate really honestly Wemo beneficial for you. Unfortunately this cannon is not gonna be the best but go fireball all that as soon as it joins together. So that's good for you waited for the battery to pop so we also hit the barbarians fireball prematurely for that reason.
  • Showcases the most optimal placement for any type of defensive Expo. So your opponent can't hit with a fireball or even a poison allowing you to efficiently deal with any type of spear goblin hut or barbarian hot. 42.6 Hogrider against Lavaloon the thing that you want to do is isolate the balloon from the law bound bicycling.
  • To canons pulling the balloon to your King tower and then effectively dealing with a lava hound later skeletons high school. A spirit double cannon domination go from the musky as soon as that pops we can fireball nice going here blue and ends up dying. You can go for a hog rider here log that just need one hit with a hog mistimed it.
  • Using the hog rider jump mechanic in the corner of the map to make sure that your hog rider is able to pull back units. Granting you a huge positive elixir trade and more time to deal with anything coming at you. Know what he might do he might go in for the Dark Prince buzz barrel so go in for hog rider here to make sure that. We stop the charge go in for goblins and it bounce it back and then go for a fireball that hog rider got, so much by you it bounced back that Dark Prince like none are there.
  • Using an ice spear to counter the hunter the hunter will miss the ice spirit the ice spirit will jump onto the hunter studying it for a longer duration of time. Allowing the tower to kill the hunter definitely a little bit an interesting go for ice spirit jumps on the hunter no. Absolutely insane guys you can use a hog rider to fully counter a bandit and it will receive no damage.

Clash Royale Review

Added global tournaments allowing millions of players around the globe to play in the same tournament season 1 of the clash royale. League drew over 25 million players to competition not over 20 pro eSport teams in CRO. And they recruited a hundred crl players from a pool of over 25 million combatants Nova won. The first ever Sarah wild finals stay tuned for more eSports news.

10 new cards entered the arena Royals, what's your dragon roll goes dub enjoy snowball ramrod magic are over Kramer. Open trade tokens came to clash Royale and kind of broke trade tokens but fixing them again this year monthly balance updates gave. You new reasons to Mon its F on Twitter, TV Royale got two new hosts and one of them finally got a haircut that's.What you were doing there were 36 billion battles played this year 89 billion towers were destroyed. That's more than 10 towers for every man woman child and Goblin on earth.

You know 7.9 billion rockets the lavas played 39 billion times elixir was pumped that is a real number, we introduced barbarian barrel and then buffed it and then buffed it and then buffed it and then nerfed it. And then nerd put on 20 pounds this year we allowed you to buy emotes and we also allowed you to permanently mute them.


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  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

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