Canva New Version 2.43.0 APK Download

Last updated: December 22, 2019

Canva is a free graphic design apps. This apps is a poster maker, video editor, can be used to design your Instagram Highlight cover, Instagram Story or post, You can also make banner photos create a banner for social networks like Twitte, Pinterest and Facebook, birthday invitations or wedding invites card. This apps Canva APK 2.43.0 new version, it is available on your Android phone and computer so you can make your any design anytime.


  • Developed by: Canva
  • Version: 2.43.0
  • File Size: 16.4MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1.0 and up

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How to Use the App

While designing you can take a blank canvas. Otherwise, available 60,000 free templates on canvas and create your professional design. You can easily add quotes or add text to the photo while designing, change text front, size, color and position. Edit pictures free image editor to apply photo filters, change up the brightness. And then design complete? you can share your favorite social website.

All of the different Instagram templates that have already been precised for me. If click on a design once again there's free versions and paid versions. 'm going to click on a free version can start editing the design I can tap on the text section here. If double tap on that then can change the text can also change the color of the text and I can also change the image. Can choose images from my camera roll or I can choose images from canvas library.

So I'm going to scroll and I'm going to select an image there you can also choose images by searching for them in the search bar here. And this will bring up all of the images in canvas library that you can use associated with the keyword that you've typed in you can also play with the filters on the images.

Canva Review

It has a lot of online design assets that you need and for that reason. You have to connect to the internet so I think opening it up at suppose you need to sign up and I've already done. That and so let's hit them too once this app can do for as long as you can see it has a lot of design templates. The more we scroll down the more we different templates you can choose from, so if you want no mean edit any of them you can do. So easy and all what you have to do is wait for it to load up as.

You can see then once it does load up you can edit anything basically anything but image behind the post you can do anything you want to do. So now let me go back and let' go to designing a logo so you have different formats of posts you can make with canva. If you want to do professional work you definitely need a logo, you've always been advocates of having a logo and this app helps you to get a very nice distinctive, so let me let me just see what I can do so we have different templates yeah and you all you have to do is.

Just choose what you're comfortable with then you've got to go what I do so I';m going to choose this one and that's going to load up. It yet so this is what I want to do I want to change the name of I want to maintain the logo like the beach wave logo. But then I only change the name to such a great beats. So once you tap its it pops up your text keyboard pops up and you can just type in anything. You want to type it so going to type in such a great piece and I'm done.


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