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Last updated: December 22, 2019

The new game Candy Crush Friends Saga from the Candy Crush Franchise. This game developed by King, it is Casual Section Game. And have a hundreds of levels. Your friends have been spread across Candy Kingdom. Join puzzle game 3 to find them.

GOOSE Candy Crush Friends Saga is the latest in the hyper successful lolly matching series. and New including features sweet new worlds in 3D it is amazing. This game completely free to play but some level in-game items will require payment with real money.

A surprise for a player, Let go see what is in it is in our tiffy first we have to help the player get there are you ready get in good to go tiffy.


  • Developed by: King
  • Version: 1.27.6
  • File Size: 83MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.4 and up

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Tips & Tricks

  • You slide sweets around to try and match three, to make them disappear. But, match more than three and you create a special powered up candy. These include wrapped ones which explode when matched, or little fish that swim across the board to clear lollies from a distance.
  • GOOSE Using these power candies is super important, because you only have a particular amount of moves to complete the objective and finish the level. For example, straight away you'll be shattering ice to free friendly gummy animals trapped underneath! RAD Having lots of different objectives mixes things up and makes the game really fun.
  • I like using my lolly matching skills to achieve different things. GOOSE Some of the modes can get pretty tricky, too, and you'll need to slow down and be strategic with every move. RAD In other match three style games I've played, I usually like modes with speedy gameplay and lots of score multipliers.
  • But the changing strategic focus level-to-level of Candy Crush Friends Saga really drew me in. GOOSE Yeah, it's really easy to get totally sucked into this, isn't it? Everything is so beautifully designed. It's a rich, sickly sweet world of sugary treats. There's even a dachshund made of donuts! The level select map is a 3D pathway through colourful candy worlds, such as Lemonade Lake and Chocolate Mountains.
  • I love how they've just gone to town with the theme, making it far more than just a typical match three game. RAD There's also different characters that you can play with - hence the name Friends Saga - and they each have a special ability. Once you match enough of their particular colour, they'll send a powered candy onto the board. For example, the little girl gives you fish, while the yeti provides wrapped candies.
  • The whole game looks good enough to eat! DARREN Ah, but remember, Rad - the only thing scarier than the spooky season is cavities! Uhhohhhoooh! RAD Oh, don't worry Darren - I don't think I can eat that much sugary sweets anyway! GOOSE well, you know what they say: too much of a good thing is can be a bad thing! And the same goes for playing Candy Crush Friends Saga.
  • There arr, of course, micro-transactions always on show here. Gold bars are the premium currency, and can be spent on more moves on individual maps if you run out, or more lives to keep playing if you've failed a number of maps. Lives do regenerate slowly, and even though you can only hold five at a time, I actually really liked this! It made it easy to put the game down so you don't keep playing.


Candy crush is insanely popular each and every time. We step onto any form of public transport, we can guarantee we're going to see at least one person playing on a version of Kings color-matching classic. That's how popular it is and this makes candy crush friends saga kind of interesting there are some little changes to the formula.

And a new lick of paint that everything feels instantly familiar it feels like candy crush 2.0 or at least a step in that direction. The core of the game remains, the same you switch the positions of shiny sweets creating matches of three or more candies of the same color. They then disappear from the board and more treats take their place. This time around though the characters in the game are represented in 3d they jog about leer through the screen at you and generally exists to a far higher.

That bit more poised and clean but that's hardly a surprise, the original candy crush is coming up on its sixth birthday now and it was never the best looking game to begin with and whether you love it, The series still sets the standard for free to play match stuff puzzlers and is clear that King has designed friends saga to try. And hold on to the pinnacle of that market for as long as possible.

And much more it feels like the series is finally starting to move on with the times. Is adding ideas from other genres and titles in order to do that all that being said there's not much in candy crush friends saga.They're safe and that's why, so many people pick them up and this isn't the King game that's gonna change your mind about the company.


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New Added

  • We've made things even sweeter with improvements and bug fixes.

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