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Last updated: November 15, 2019

Boom Beach APK Developed by Supercell, this is a most popular Strategy game. Boom Beach play with millions of other players, and it is totally online game. Because Supercell Team Says the reference this game network connection is required to play.

It is totally free download and play, but some game items can be purchased for money. To play this game, the minimum must be 13 years old. This game Current Version 39.73 there is a possibility of some more updates this year. These games have to play with intelligence.


  • Developed by: Supercell
  • Version: 39.73
  • File Size: 103MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.0.3 and up

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Features of the Boom Beach Apk

  • Heroes:

    The hero appears by fixing the run-down Shack that is situated next to your Island Shore sergeant. Brick has been hiding on your island all this time and is now willing to put her distinguished combat skills to use at.

    Your command an experienced leader Ric pushes your troops towards, victory to defeat too many enemies of the archipelago enter the Hutt to open hero profiles.

    And view their abilities there are more heroes out there but we'll get to that soon tap on sergeant brick to open up her staff. You can find out more about her skills as well as upgrade her to increase your strength on the battlefield heroes come with Hero perks.

    That are unique for each hero throwing grenades before shooting it defenses sergeant bricks. Hero perk helps her add a kick at a punch against every new target she engages. These are sergeant bricks hero abilities you will get one ability to begin with and the rest will unlock as you keep upgrading. The hero sergeant bricks first unlock your ability is the cluster grenade she's a sucker for explosion. So nothing makes her happier than damaging enemy territory with a cluster grenade.

  • Dr. T's Mega Crab:

    Gardening watermelons Long walks on the beach, and conducting evil experiments are Dr. T's favorite pastimes. Now, he's indulging in a dastardly new hobby: Taking over the archipelago with robotic base of destruction.

    The Mega Crab event randomly emerges from the waters shadowy depths near your home base. Tap the Crab to launch your attack! Mega crab comes with an infinite number of stages to beat; Increasing in difficulty on each round.

    You have a limited number of attacks. Use them to defeat as many stages possible. Be aware! Damage is persistent! Meaning, the damage you deal will carry over to the next attack. This allows you to inflict max punishment Will the stage is done. In each event, you will have a certain number of attacks to begin with and they will regenerate over time.

    Your goal: Beat as many stages possible! The less attacks you use per stage, the faster you'll proceed to the next one! Defeating a stage gives you one extra attack. If you run out of attacks, you'll have to wait a few hours to gain a new one! So raid smart! Check out the rewards you'll get from completely destroying a stage! See who's defeating the most Mega Crab stages in the High Score leader boards.

    Here, you can see how people in your local time zone are fairing; as well as your friends! Before showing Dr. T who runs the archipelago, scout his mega base to see what you're up against! The mega crab base layout gets pretty crazy the higher you go.

Boom Beach Tips

To remember when pushin and Boom Beach a lot of these tips do relate to one another. And couldn't happen without the other, so bear with us if you think that a category should be combined or anything. Don't worry I don't really care alright Boomers let's get the obvious out of the way to push metals.

You need to attack you need to attack NPC bases player bases they are equally as important to push metals by attack.

Clearing Map Tips

I mean clearing your map just about every day. There are a little like slivers room of exceptions by having a little inconsistency by not clear in your map every day. But clearing your map is easily the most obvious and known way to push metals.

A cosmic bill we recommend setting a little time out of each day to clear your map. It may be time consuming at first or you might think it's time consuming all together. And maybe if you diamond like us it'll be expensive but we believe that.

It is worth it to sit down and clear your map at least once a day more than barrier more than Mary. We'll go with that more time the merrier, the time this has to do with the rate at which bases spawn on your archipelago. Before we move on the tips that we are providing are mainly for people who are near max because lower level people have little to no benefit of pushing.

Base Design Tips

I bring to you is base designs. It is very important to have a very strong base design. I would recommend looking at the top leader board of boom beach players and like just kind of copying a good base design. They know what's best this is of course if you use prototypes, which I will get to in a couple in a couple tips different based designs defend against different strategies.

If you're getting attacked by warriors a decent amount of back-loaded based design would be important to waste energy. And smoke I would also recommend shield generators with that but if you guys are getting attacked by like pinks. And all that front loaded based designs are the way to go, I would experiment with a couple different based designs.

It does take a while to create new base designs yes, why can't we have a base design builder boom beach. I don't know you have to copy some stuff from clash cleanse and all that definitely experiment with different base designs depending on. How many metals you have different base designs will definitely have more benefits than other base designs.


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New Added

  • Various minor bug fixes and improvements

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