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Last updated: December 23, 2019

Now you can use a new Bixby application to attract photos, you take on your Samsung smart-phone, or to take more photos while taking pictures with your phone. The name of this application built into your camera Bixby Vision APK new version available for free download. You need to tap the view icon in the viewfinder to translate a sign here. In addition, the pictures you take can be done directly with the AR makeup.


  • Developed by: Kelvin Cheung
  • Version:
  • File Size: 46MB
  • Requires for Android: 9.0 and up

Download Bixby Vision APK

Bixby Vision APK Reivew

This application will benefit you a lot when you can use it properly. With the Vision application you need, you can scan the images, food, wine, and QR codes to find the right information. And you can personally buy as many products as you see online.

And the wine search feature here supports English (US) and Mandarin Chinese, other languages. And the food recognition feature here shows what may not be all right, as shown here. You can also install add-on services from partner applications of Bixby Vision.

How it works

There are 4 ways ti talk to Bixby

1. Press and hold the Bixby button on the side until you finish your command.

2. Simply say "Hi Bixby Family" then just say what you need, like "Text Hemon".

3. If Bixby is already in use tap the bixby icon at the bottom of the screen.

4. If you prefer to type to bixby, press the keyboard button. then type what you need like "Remind me to call Javen".

New Added

  • Bug fixes

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