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Last updated: December 22, 2019

BeautyPlus it is a photo editing software it also applies effects to your face in real time. It seriously glows face tune out of the water, amazed by this app. It is an Asian beauty app and you absolutely need this app if you post pictures to Instagram on a regular basis it saves you so much time, BeautyPlus APK 7.0.260 download new version. It looks incredibly natural there is a lot of fine controls you can use to change instantly. How your photos look in some ways this is even better than Photoshop because it is so effortless.


  • Developed by: Meitu (China) Limited
  • Version: 7.0.260
  • File Size: 60.6MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.4 and up

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How to use the App

The main screen you can go into selfie mode or beautify mode. Which is editing your old photos and in selfie mode you can either have anime can selfie videos magic brush. So, we'll just start by showing you all the features because really want this to be thorough. If you want your latest photo edited all you have to do is tap this little Mountain button, so then we're going to go quick beautifying and it automatically C removes.

Eyes it lightly blurs the background and you can change the level of beautification. So we'll go from 1 through 7 so it 1 this is more detail on your face to brightens it up 3 brightens it up even more 4 softens and brings. It even more so you get bit in the hint it'll just get softer prefer going a little bit more natural, because you know you're setting unrealistic beauty standards at a certain point and you want it to look like yourself by the way in this photo.

All wearing is mascara and lip gloss no foundation nothing straight out of the shower so, there's the button to save here's the button to add different color effects. There's like a ton of different ones you can select from and turn the blur on and off, the blur always looks better because it gives it a nice depth of field it you clutters. The background it puts the focus on your selfie which is what you want so there you go there's that quick mode.

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Also used magic brush to add those little bubbles, so the beautify mode is where it really competes with facetune or Photoshop. Just to go in select photo again hit beautify and you can do all these things like smooth acne firm. White and bright and dark circle height and size contour your face. You can tap to remove acne marks let's just tap this mode is very similar to what you get on snapchat or Facebook.

When you enable lenses you can make yourself up a fishbowl on your head a dinosaur flower the bunny a whole bunch different stuff. So I'll show you this live now look that great right now and intentionally again. Just got out of the shower all wearing is lip gloss oh wait let's check our movie level Beauty level that's too. As you can see just even live it looks much better than regular camera. Do you see the difference it's unbelievable you know it gets rid of like all of these little freckles.

The summer a little bit of irritation ground right here pimples here this app. The colors all about the lights and it's definitely both the smoothing, quite frankly and this app does it all just freakin in a pill. Turn on the fishbowl, if it's obvious of eyes and obviously. If it does something to your jaw, attended the on good luck let cover and then remove it jaws smaller.


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New Added

  • Bug fixes

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