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Last updated: December 22, 2019

A little background Beach Buggy Racing APK 2 1.6.4 was developed by a Vector Unit. Which originally made its debut on mobile devices, it has since made its way onto the Xbox one and PS4. So a pretty old game in that respect essentially it has very little competition in the racing genre at the moment.

However, the price points are vastly different and that is what you well need to decide by the end of this review. This game is worth your money or not in terms of audio has a rock field trip in all honesty. The musical tracks are quite generic and you won not be thinking at the end I really enjoyed listening to that I want to download it.


  • Developed by: Vector Unit
  • Version: 2 1.6.4
  • File Size: 79MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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Beach Buggy Racing Review

The game well but there's nothing here that made me think that. The audio was super catchy it also tends to repeat quite a bit but then at this price point you can't really expect too much more the sound effects are good. And there's nothing out of place here in terms of visuals, they're actually quite nice but I have to say that mobile groups of this game really amazing.

How much gloss you add on the top the models of the cars do look good and there's a wealth of customization to personalize your vehicle. Which is a really cool feature, I do like the smooth performance running at 60 frames per second in doctor mode. And I didn't noticed any slowdown either in my hand to be fair also runs fantastically well. You do notice though that there is a difference in graphical detail between hand held mode.

Doctor mode which that is to be expected there's a game play does a lot right in this department there's things that you will notice straight off that. The wealth of content there plenty of tracks a career mode daily challenge quick race and tournaments. This game up into CC you will have to unlock the ability to play in the higher CC categories through playing. The career mode there are plenty of cars to choose from and you can customize them to more or less your taste in terms of color.

Tips to Play

That seems pretty neat right from the first impressions it seems promising but graphics are very cartoony there's about 6 racers. That you can play as each one has their own special abilities and different skills. There's customizable cards looks like there's a good amount of content unfortunately since it was from a mobile game there's a lot of unlocking to do.

But luckily there's no micro transactions, that are micro transaction mobile game would have that's a lot of micro transaction and you unlock additional stuff by completing through. The races most of your time in this game will be spent in the single-player campaign mode which features a variety of cups that have actually a good amount of races in them.

And not just regular standard racers there's different types of modes of course the standard race you go through a lap or two or three and you try to win by having first place. You get ranked based on stars on how good you do the more stars you get the quicker it is to unlock the next path or the next set of levels in addition to that.

There's other types of modes such as a I guess elimination mode where the person that is last every 15 seconds gets eliminated from the race switches things up a little bit. And it makes things a little bit chaotic there's even boss type of mode, where it's you 1v1 the character at the end of the whole circuit if you win. You'll lock that character there's a shooting gallery mode where you while you're driving. You have to shoot at certain targets and there's all sorts of other modes that.


  • Wi-Fi connection information

New Added

  • Maintenance Release (bug fixes, etc)

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