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Last updated: November 12, 2019

The monster contained in this game will trap the world is greatest heroes in technological crystals. The name of the game is Battle Breakers APK new version 1.80.1 available for download. Since you have to move your place, you have to combine all the super fighters. This RPG game is a small team created by a hero created as a passion project. The Kingdom must be saved when monsters attack every corner of the kingdom. Collect the arsenal so you have to be ready to fight to save the world.


  • Developed by: Epic Games, Inc
  • Version: 1.80.1
  • File Size: 97MB
  • Requires for Android: 5.0 and up

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Battle Breakers Review

Behind Infinity Blade so expect lots of Unreal Engine graphics in 3d role no way look at this this is not 3d this is all like floaty 2d animation stuff how colorful though in it nice. Battle Breakers so what is this it's kind of a color unlocking gem Debord grid-based battler.

You do battle along the way instead of moving a character across the tiles. Just by tapping dudes are all at the bottom you go close there and they can do battle throw nasty attacks at the dudes at the top.

If you swipe upwards can do a special attack or you should be able to do one there. You can get little bonuses, so if you go to make an attack and a little critical thing flashes up if you tap that button quick enough you get a little bit of bonus to your attack equally.

If someone's attacking you you can kind of do a little bit of damage prevention. So, if you can tap the button quickly in time it'll minimize the amount of damage that you take. Now, levels about three levels on a boss you fight through and then you're just given the choice of one or three characters.

You can choose Female Red Madge here. You see the bomb because you always have to pick the mag because they are the best and these fun shiny crystals. You can see what these funny glowy crystals are no no a neophyte sold so right.

Now, there's a color based system which is kind of rock-paper-scissors we think the red attacks best on the green.


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