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Last updated: December 22, 2019

Angry Birds 2 is a puzzle video game, it was first release July 30, 2015. This game developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation, and Casual section game. You can be played on iOs and Android device. This game has a new bird named Silver, have a multi-stage level you can playing fun and challenging levels.

And also have Daily Challenge, can you complete your Challenge then quick earn some rewards. Angry Birds 2 APK 2.36.1 new version is completely free to download, there are optional in-app purchases.


  • Developed by: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
  • Version: 2.36.1
  • File Size: 87.5MB
  • Requires for Android: 4.1 and up

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Angry Birds 2 Review

We have been waiting for this game ever since Angry Birds 2. And all the version of the Angry Birds games and you know when I heard that this was going to be released man. I was pretty freaking excited because you know have fun memories of playing the original Angry Birds with my kids.

You know on the go and that kind of thing and it's always just a really good time. It's pretty pleased to see that this is gonna receive an upgrade and some aspects of this game. Really do live up to the hype for instance the graphics look amazing, the add a particle effects and everything look really good.

When you take out like a tower what not you know a pig is gonna come flying up to the screen. It looks really cool as far as the gameplay and everything goes. It's everything that you have come to expect and love from an Angry Birds game. The control is spot-on it's no problem at all but there are there's one thing about this game that makes it completely un

Angry Birds 2 Play Tips

You know Angry Birds 2 is actually very different from Angry Birds 1 and Angry Birds 1 each level had a specific tower or a specific structure. It's going to be updated more at as the time goes on but although.

The walkers could walk through could be kind of helpful, they're not going to be as helpful as the word for Angry Birds 1 because the structures are constantly being regenerated or randomized.

So you're going to need to have a bunch of other strategies, that you can use to get by. So I've got like 6 or so and some of them are pretty basic but others are pretty interesting, so the first one is that each bird is supposed to be used for specific type of destruction.

And most of you should know this but this is just the basic stuff it's they told you this in. The post whenever they give you a new boarder bird they tell you this each word is good at destroying.

A certain thing red can knock down things with his roar the blues are good at breaking glass chuck is good at breaking wood matilda. The white bird is good at ramming things and targeting single enemies with the egg bomb bomb is just good.

At targeting TNT as well as destroying structures silver is going to breaking through stone and Terence is just like a bigger version of red. And he's very good at knocking down things, so you have to use these spurts for what they're supposed to be used for you can't use the blues and try to break your stone wall.

Because you're playing the game incorrectly you're not going to be able to finish. So if the kind of strategize which word you use for which type of things this is the basic stuff but you got to remember to use this.

That there are propeller hat pigs and you may notice in a game that. There'll be a pig floating in the blue anyway they go where do you come from well, if you go quickly and you look at the start of the level.

You might be able to see the pig with a propeller hat and this pig is just going to be in the structure for a couple of seconds. And then he's going to shoot up into the air with his balloon, so you have to quickly target that pig and take them out.

If you let them get into the air you're going to be wasting several or may one or two birds trying to knock them down. And that's really not what you should be doing. So always look for the Propeller head pig beforehand not sure in the later levels.


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New Added

  • New LEGENDARY slingshot tier.
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

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